You can’t ignore it. Your parents are okay at home, but they need some help during the week. That’s where elderly care can help. How do you know what to consider when creating an elderly care plan?


Senior Care in Roswell GA: Elderly Care Plan

Senior Care in Roswell GA: Elderly Care Plan


Stop and Discuss Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are tasks your parents need to be able to do in order to live independently in their home. These activities include showering/bathing, grooming, eating, walking, getting out of bed or off a chair or sofa, and toileting.

There are also instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). These tend to run more into household management. They include using the phone, paying bills on time, keeping up with housework and laundry, and driving. It also covers things like planning a menu, shopping for groceries, prepping ingredients, and cooking a meal.

Go through a list of the ADLs and IADLs seniors need to be able to do to live alone. How many can your mom and dad complete without any help? If there are several that they can’t do, elderly care services are necessary for their well-being.


Understand Your Parents’ Feelings

After being an independent adult for so long, your parents may not enjoy having someone helping out. To counteract any anger or hurt, start slow. Bring in a caregiver just for an hour or two each week. As your parent gets used to the help, increase the services.

One thing seniors don’t often realize is that a caregiver also provides companionship. Sure, they’ll be getting help with medications, housekeeping, and transportation, but they also have someone to play games with, take walks with, and talk to.


Consider the Budget

Hiring a caregiver will cost some money. Sit down and look over your parents’ finances. How much can they afford to spend? This will help you get a feel for how many hours are affordable. If they need more care than they can afford, there are ways to balance it.

You could have friends and family stop by when possible to help with certain tasks. Look at gaps in the weekly calendar. Where there are gaps, talk to an elderly care agency about hiring a caregiver for those gaps.

Now that you know some of the questions to ask, it’s time to learn more. Call today to discuss the rates and scheduling for the elderly care services that would benefit your parents.


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