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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts?

Nearly 25 and a half million people throughout the United States have cataracts. By the age of 75, more than half of adults either are living with a cataract or has had cataract surgery to correct a cataract. As a family caregiver, you should know that cataracts are rarely dangerous. They develop very slowly in most cases, and other than the decrease in vision that they cause, have little impact on your senior’s health and well-being.


Senior Care in Milton GA: Symptoms of Cataracts

Senior Care in Milton GA: Symptoms of Cataracts


It is important to understand, though, that the change in vision caused by cataracts can make a major difference in how your parent is able to function throughout their later years.

Helping them to detect when they are living with a cataract can allow them to make decisions about their eye health that can reverse the effects of the cataract, and preserve their vision and eye health longer. It is important to note that regular eye exams throughout their adult years are the first step in detecting the very earliest stages of cataracts so your senior is better prepared to make decisions when these cataracts become problematic for them. If they have not undergone these exams, or feel their vision is changing, knowing the signs and symptoms can help you determine if they may be struggling so together you can make decisions that are right for them.


Some of the signs and symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Cloudy vision
  • Blurry vision
  • The sense that colors are faded, or not as distinct
  • Excessive glare
  • Lights such as lamps, headlights, and street lights appear far too bright
  • Seeing a “halo” around lights
  • Poor night vision
  • Experiencing double vision
  • The sense of seeing multiple images in the same eye
  • Frequent changes of prescription for their eyeglasses or contact lenses


The completely customizable nature of an elderly care providers schedule and services are one of the greatest benefits of this type of care for your aging parent.

Your senior is an individual, and that means they deserve care specifically designed for them. An elderly home care services provider will give your aging parent the care they need to manage their challenges, but also to make the most of their later years. Personalized services such as transportation and mobility support allow your parent to take on more of their own tasks and errands, go on outings and adventures, and stay more active and engaged in the world around them. Meal and snack preparation can help them to eat a healthier diet, which keeps their body stronger as they age.


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