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Are You Reaching Your Exercise Goals?

Most family caregivers end up neglecting some important areas in their life, including their social life, hobbies, and exercise.
Finding the time to exercise can have significant benefits to family caregivers, but there are usually so many obstacles in the way that it makes it difficult for them to find time to focus on fitness. Often, the demands of caring for an aging adult are so high that there doesn’t seem to be any time for the family caregiver’s needs. This prevents them from reaching any exercise goals they may have.


Senior Care in Johns Creek GA: Caregiver Exercise

Senior Care in Johns Creek GA: Caregiver Exercise


Benefits of Exercise

It’s common knowledge that exercise delivers huge benefits to the body and mind. Not only are people physically healthier when they exercise at least 30 minutes three times per week, but they have better mental health as well. Studies show that those who participate in regular exercise have more energy, stamina, and strength. When family caregivers get regular exercise, they also improve heart health, circulation and digestion. The healthier a family caregiver is, the better able they are to care for their elderly loved one.

A lack of exercise leads to fatigue, high blood pressure, and muscle weakness. It can also open the gate to developing certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The immune system isn’t as robust as it would be with exercise, leaving the family caregiver more susceptible to illness. Without exercise, weight control can also be an issue and the associated health problems that come with being overweight. It’s so important that family caregivers find the time to exercise for their own sake as well as the sake of their aging relative.


Hiring Home Care Providers Give Family Caregivers Exercise Breaks

One solution that many family caregivers across the country use to find the time to exercise is by hiring home care providers. The professional assistants know how to take care of an aging adult, no matter what the physical or cognitive issues. The family caregiver knows that a responsible and compassionate person is looking after their relative, so they feel better about taking some time for themselves. It would be very wise if they would devote some of their respite time to exercise.

Home care providers know what it takes to ensure an elderly adult is safe and comfortable. In addition to companionship, home care providers can help seniors with getting ready in the morning with tasks like combing hair, getting dressed and brushing teeth. Home care providers can also keep the house tidy, with light chores such as sweeping and unloading the dishwasher. Ultimately, they are there to watch over the elderly adult and help out where they are needed. The side benefit of this is that the family caregiver gets some respite.

Whether they go to a gym, join a fitness class, run, walk, swim or do yoga, there are lots of exercises that family caregivers can do that will make them healthier and happier.


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