Families found one thing after schools and offices closed down so that people could stay home and self-isolate. It didn’t take long before everyone was battling cabin fever. Kids didn’t want to stay inside and focus on online school work. Parents were struggling to get work done. Grandparents wanted to keep to their usual routines.


Senior Care in Johns Creek GA: Battle Cabin Fever

Senior Care in Johns Creek GA: Battle Cabin Fever


Instead of staying stuck inside, have everyone go outside. Here are some of the best outdoor activities that you, your children, and your parents can do together and end cabin fever.


Arrange Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Pick a simple prize, such as the winning team picks a movie for later. Print out a scavenger hunt sheet that you find online and team up with cameras to find as many items in the yard as you can. Take photos as proof.

Set a time limit and hunt for the items until the timer runs out. If it’s cold, you might need to go for a shorter time like 15 minutes, but warmer weather allows you to stay outside for an hour. When time is up, have everyone share their photos to see who found the most.


Start a Garden

It’s a good time to start setting up the garden. Use shovels to turn over the soil and take turns to prevent overworking muscles and joints. While someone is digging the earth, others can be removing weeds and breaking up clumps.

Once the garden is set, add manure, fertilizers, and other nutrients. Once that’s done, you can plant seeds for early spring crops like peas, spinach, lettuce, and radishes.


Workout Together

Spread out on the lawn and put on a virtual workout you can do together. YouTube is a good source for these exercise programs. If your parents have a harder time with balance or stamina, look for beginner programs for Tai Chi and Yoga to get them started.

A blanket is beneficial if there are exercise routines that require kneeling or laying down. If anyone starts to feel tired, they need to know to take a break before joining back in.

You may have meetings or work requirements that make it hard to get outside with your parents. If they need someone with them to make sure they apply sunscreen or stop to drink a glass of water, look into caregivers.

Caregivers are there for companionship.

They can join your parents on walks outside or trips to the backyard garden. Caregivers help with housework, meal preparation, transportation, and most anything your parents cannot do without a little guidance. Discuss these and other beneficial caregiver services by calling a home care service to make arrangements.


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