Intravenous treatments are those that are given to someone using an IV needle, a tube, and a hanging bag of some sort of fluid medication. These types of treatments are common in hospital settings, but they can also be given to people at home with the assistance of home health care providers. This type of treatment may be something that is highly beneficial for your elderly family member.


Senior Care in Dunwoody GA: Home Infusion Care

Senior Care in Dunwoody GA: Home Infusion Care


Home Infusion Supports Your Senior at Home

The best part about home IV therapy is that it allows your elderly family member to stay at home during her treatments. Home health care providers come to her to give her the treatments and she’s able to be comfortable while the treatment happens. The treatments are exactly the same as they would be in a doctor’s office, except your senior is in an environment that isn’t sterile and foreign to her.

Her Insurance Company Might Like IV Therapy Better

You might be surprised to find that your senior’s insurance company is more fond of home IV therapy than you would have suspected. Some IV therapies given in a hospital setting are quite costly. Doing those same therapies at home isn’t just more comfortable. It keeps your senior from accruing additional costs that aren’t really necessary.


Your Senior Can Get a Variety of IV Treatments at Home

There is a wide range of different types of home infusions your senior might need. If she’s had surgery or an injury, her doctor may want her to have intravenous antibiotic treatments. This can be especially important if your senior is vulnerable to reinfection. There are also IV treatments for pain management, hydration, nutrition, and other types of medication.


Treatments at Home Are Just as Safe

One of the most important things to remember about home IV therapies for your senior is that these treatments are just as safe as they would be in a hospital or other medical setting. It’s much easier for both you and your senior to relax and let elderly care professionals take care of what needs to happen. This can also help to lessen overall anxiety about these and other types of treatments.

Talk to your senior’s doctor about the possibility of having IV treatments done at home. This could be the answer your senior has needed in order to get these types of therapies in a relaxed atmosphere that allows her to feel as comfortable as possible.


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