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How Serious are Bone Fractures in Elderly Adults?

Broken bones can happen at any age due to things like car accidents, athletic injuries and falls. When an elderly adult fractures a bone, it is most likely the result of a slip and fall accident. Seniors are more likely to suffer serious consequences of a broken bone as well because the bones are much less dense and take a lot longer to heal than in younger adults. When family caregivers are making plans for in-home care of their aging relative with a bone fracture, they must consider all the daily tasks that the senior can no longer do on their own.


Senior Care in Dunwoody GA: Bone Fractures in Elderly Adults


Broken Bones and Aging Adults

With age, the bones become more brittle which makes them less resistant to the impact of a fall. It’s quite common for aging adults to break their wrist, arm, hip, leg or ribs due to a fall in their own home. Broken bones can also lead to a number of secondary health issues, such as trauma to soft tissues, poor circulation, and even some infection possibilities. Many seniors require surgery to set the bones properly, which brings its own complications for the elderly.

It’s important for family members to step in and help with short-term recovery needs and long-term rehabilitation. No matter where the fracture is located, it’s most likely that aging adults won’t be able to do many things for themselves around the house. The challenges of living independently with a broken bone mean that family caregivers must arrange for in-home care from a senior care provider.


In-Home Care and Aging Adults

To facilitate real and lasting recovery from their injury, seniors must take care not to have another fall that could re-injure the bone or even cause a fracture somewhere else. They will also be tired, uncomfortable and even frustrated for many weeks while their body heals. A senior care provider can assist them in taking care of themselves and their home by doing things like light housework, laundry, meal planning, and preparation. As seniors need help with self-care throughout the day, the senior care provider can also assist there.

Family caregivers can aid their aging loved ones as well, but often their other responsibilities prevent them from being able to be with the senior for a good part of the day. From jobs to children, the demands on a family caregiver’s time can force them to have to choose between responsibilities. With a senior care provider in place, family caregivers are comfortable knowing their elderly relative is being attended to by a professional.

There’s no question that broken bones are quite serious for seniors and they usually take much longer than average to heal. In the meantime, family caregivers can hire a senior care provider to assist their aging relative with the challenges of recovery. In time, the elderly adult may regain all their abilities that were lost as a result of the fractured bone.


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