As elderly adults become more dependent on family caregivers and home care providers due to age-related conditions, they spend more time at home than before.

Even if all their health and wellness needs are met, however, too many seniors suffer from boredom. Surprisingly, chronic boredom can seriously affect an elderly person’s mental health and lead to increased feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.


Senior Care in Brookhaven GA: Elderly Boredom

Senior Care in Brookhaven GA: Elderly Boredom


Seniors who are bored are not having their emotional needs met.

Perhaps they are alone for long periods of time in the day or night. Or, they may be bedridden or homebound with limited mobility. Still, other bored seniors have the kind of personality that needs to be more active and they can no longer do the things they once did to satisfy that. No matter what the cause, family caregivers, and home care providers can do a lot to help out aging adults that are bored at home.

Family caregivers and home care providers can do a lot to alleviate boredom in elderly adults. All it takes is some careful planning and a desire to help the elderly adult find activities that interest them.


Here are 10 interesting activities that family caregivers and home care providers can plan to keep seniors engaged and interested for long periods of time:

-Enroll in a free online class and choose from subjects like foreign language, literature, history, art, and psychology.

-Set up a birdwatching station outside a large window with a comfortable chair, including powerful binoculars and a guide to local birds.

-Get online and join social media to keep in touch with family members, friends and organizations they have a passion for, such as a local animal shelter.

-Develop a hobby that can be done at home, such as building models, crafts, making jewelry, knitting or cross stitching.

-Play games and engage the mind with things like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, adult coloring books and handheld puzzle games.

-Start a container garden on a sunny back porch or in a south-facing window, complete with vegetables, herbs and flowers.

-Indulge in a video game system and learn to play some of the most amazing video games that inspire imagination and pass the time in fun and interesting ways.

-Volunteer for a letter-writing campaign or phone call effort for local, regional, state and national groups.

-Discover reading by using the local library’s home delivery service and even joining an online book club or discussion group.

-Listen to audiobooks, podcast, and books on tape where listeners can explore new topics and gain new insight and education.


Using these ideas and any others that the elderly person might respond to, family caregivers and home care providers can help keep boredom at bay. After all, extreme boredom can lead to low self-esteem, especially in the elderly. They often feel that they are a burden and that others are ignoring them. Alleviating boredom helps them find their self-worth and gives them a sense of purpose, so they can be as happy and healthy as possible.

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