What Issues Might You and Your Senior Face Regarding Bathing?

Bathing as your elderly family member grows older can be extremely complicated. Your senior may just not want to shower any longer or there could be bigger issues afoot than you realize.

She Might Lose Interest in Bathing Altogether

Some aging adults don’t see a reason to take regular baths any longer or they suffer from a diminished sense of smell. Either of these situations can lead to an elderly family member who starts to avoid bathing. If that’s the case, you may need to find other ways to encourage your senior to bathe.

Reminders Can Help

You might find that using a calendar helps your senior to keep track of when she last showered or bathed and when she is set to have another bath or shower. Some aging adults find that having a visual reminder system is highly effective. You might want to shop for a calendar together and use stickers or markers that help your senior to become interested in the process.

You Might Need to Set up the Bathroom for Bathing Comfort

Another way that you can encourage your senior to take baths or showers more often is to create a luxurious experience for her. Choose soft, fluffy towels that you can warm in the dryer right before bath time. Find soap or bath gels that use scents that your elderly family member enjoys. Remember to avoid bath oils or anything that could become a safety hazard for your elderly family member.

Safety Is a Huge Concern

Your senior may not tell you this, but if she’s feeling unsafe or insecure in the bathroom, that can be a big reason for her to avoid taking a regular bath. Look at what you can adjust or change in order to create a safer environment. That might mean installing grab bars or placing non-slip mats and rugs throughout the bathroom.

She Might Need Help Bathing

At some stage, your senior may need extra help while she’s bathing but it can be difficult to accept that help from you. Elder care providers have experience with helping aging adults to bathe safely and they can be a reassuring comfort for your senior. Talk to your elderly family member about whether this might be an option for her and consider giving this solution a try.

If your senior is starting to resist bathing, make sure that you take the time to talk with her. Until you really understand any of the issues she’s having, you can’t come up with the right solution for her.

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