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Five Strains Family Caregivers Experience and How to Overcome Them

Men and women offering senior care services to a family member completed a survey about their experiences. While they said that being a caregiver made them feel competent, brought families closer together, and ensured the quality of care, there were also downsides. In the National Study on Caregiving report, these five strains topped the list.


Senior Care in Atlanta GA: Caregiver Strains

Senior Care in Atlanta GA: Caregiver Strains

Emotional Strain

Family care can be hard on the emotions. It’s tough to see a once very capable, strong parent suddenly too weak to get in and out of the shower without help. Your parent may become frustrated and insult you when you try to help. While it’s often age or the disease leading to the strong reactions, that doesn’t ease the emotions you feel while you’re being insulted.


Feeling Overwhelmed

About half of the family members who completed the survey did say they felt overwhelmed. You must balance your parents’ needs with the needs of your children, home, and relationship with your spouse, significant other, or friends. You may need to also fit in the responsibilities that come with your full-time job. All of these demands can make you feel that you’re being pulled in multiple directions.


Financial Strain

To care for your parents, you may have to quit a job or reduce your hours. Can you afford to do that? If your hours are less, you get paid less. Can you afford property taxes, groceries, utilities, and everything else you’re paying for on a smaller salary? Many family caregivers start to feel a financial strain balancing their parents’ care needs with income requirements.


Lack of Personal Time

As you balance your parents care with the care your kids and pets need, you’ll find less time for yourself. Add in the maintenance your house needs, the maintenance you’re having to take care of at your parents’ house, and commutes from one house to the other. It eats away at your personal time. Unless you hire senior care professionals for respite care, you may find yourself struggling to have even five minutes to yourself.


Physical Strain

If you’re not in top shape, you may find yourself dealing with sore muscles after a day of family care. You’ll work your muscles as you help your mom or dad get in and out of bed, a shower, sofa, or recliner. Supporting your parents up and down stairs will also work the different muscle groups. It can lead to muscle strain if you don’t slowly acclimate to the new demands on your body.

One of the best ways to avoid these strains is by making sure you have help. Your parents need quality care, but you’ll need breaks. Respite care is one of several senior care services that make sure you get a break. Call a senior care agency to discuss the many ways a caregiver can help make family care an enjoyable, rewarding experience.


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