Blindness is one of the biggest risks of glaucoma. It happens to be a leading cause of blindness in senior citizens. Your mom has glaucoma. What does that mean for her?


Senior Care in Alpharetta GA: Senior Glaucoma

Senior Care in Alpharetta GA: Senior Glaucoma


Understanding Glaucoma

The fluid within the eye flows from one chamber to another through the eye’s drainage system known as the trabecular meshwork. When the fluid is flowing normally, the eye pressure remains stable. If there is a blockage in the trabecular meshwork, pressure builds up and damages the optic nerve. That is what happens in open-angle glaucoma.

There’s also closed-angle glaucoma. It’s similar, but the pressure pushes the iris into the cornea. That’s what leads to the blockage of the drains and trabecular meshwork.

There are other types of glaucoma, but they’re not as common. One forms despite the eye having normal pressure levels. One occurs when particles of the iris build up in the drains within the eyes.

Symptoms differ between the two more common types of glaucoma. Open-angle tends to have small blind spots forming in the peripheral or central vision. Closed-angle glaucoma usually involves a painful headache, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, eye pain, and halos.

The progression of glaucoma is often so slow that there are no signs until glaucoma is in the advanced stages. At that point, blindness may be unavoidable. Treatments are not always effective either. Around 15 percent of men and women with glaucoma develop blindness in at least one eye even with treatment.


How Can Caregivers Help?

If glaucoma is diagnosed, your mom may need to use medications. Caregivers can help her remember to use or take them. Caregivers can help her move from one room to the next. Caregivers also help with meals, housekeeping, transportation, shopping, scheduling, organization, personal care, and a lot more.

Depending on the severity of your mom’s glaucoma, she may need a few home care services or most of them. The benefit to caregivers is that it’s easy to add services as they become necessary.


World Glaucoma Week runs from March 8th to 14th. Take that time to make sure your mom has had an eye exam. If you work and she doesn’t drive, getting her to and from the eye doctor’s office can be an issue. Caregivers end any problems your family faces.

Caregivers can drive her to and from her appointment. They can help her order eyeglasses and arrange follow-up appointments. Back at home, a caregiver can help her around the home as her eyesight worsens. Call to make the arrangements.


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