RN Case Management (Senior - Elder - Geriatric)

RN Case Manager Meeting with Couple in Atlanta, GA

At Always-Care ® we have our own In-House Certified* Professional Staff RN’s; supervised by our

RN - CCC (Certified Case Manager),  ! RN - CRRN (Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse)

* What does “Certified” mean ? In this state there are no laws to prevent any person from calling them-self a Care/Case Manager, Geriatric Advisor, Senior Advisor, Health Care Consultant, or using some other Similar or Misleading term, to gain access to seniors. However there are various - Nationally Recognized Professional Organizations - that Certify R.N. Case Managers (R.N. C.C.M), and Rehabilitation RN’s (C.R.R.N) who meet their credentialing criteria, for education and experience.

So the bottom line is --- if you don’t know who to trust --- trust the one company – that has been locally owned and managed Since 1974, and has as it’s mission statement;

“Taking Care Of Yours ... As If They Were Ours” ® Since 1974

Confused still !

We understand, which is why at Always-Care ® we sort it out for you!

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What is Always-Care ® Case Management Services?

Briefly - It is “Professional Management of the (Senior - Elder - Geriatric) Client and the Health Care and Essential Services choices for him/her as needed. 

But it is more complicated, so Always-Care ® has perfected a focused program to directly F A C E the health care challenges of the older adult and their family, by using it’s Registered Nurses (R.N.) Case Managers (Senior-Elder-Geriatric) to;

  • FACILITATE Senior Care Solutions;
    • Physician Recommendations
    • Treatment Plans
    • In-Home Care
    • Crisis Assistance
  • ADVOCATE for you/your family;
    • With Your Providers
    • Your Privacy Rights
    • Your Personal Wishes & Life Style Desires
    • Recommend Providers
    • Accompany as Necessary
    • Assist with Level of Care Transitions
  • EDUCATE the Client/Family; 
    • Living with the Situation
    • Care-Giving Tips
    • Planning/Options/Implementations)

This can be an Extremely Valuable Service for the Client and The Client's Family, Guardian,  P.O.A., C.P.A., Attorney, or Health Care Designate. ESPECIALLY WHEN NO ONE IS LOCAL- iwhich case the R.N. Case Managecan become the Professional Eyes and Ears to Monitor the Client and the Client's Care, and Report changes and needs.

Our Program, consist of several levels/options of R.N. Case Management Services.

for Seniors - Elder and Geriatric Clients, either In-Home or In-Facility

They each start with a F R E E personal consultation with one of our Senior Care Manager (RN’s).

Next, if appropriate, the process will move to an In Person Always-Care ® RN On-Site Visit for evaluation/assessment and information collection. Then RN enters the assessed data into our software, to directly focus on the health care challenges of the older adult and their family.

Based on the findings the R.N. will produce a written report to use...

as a guide for immediate and/or future care and services considerations. The RN will discuss the plan and it’s various available options and can work for Client/Family as needed/desired toward implementation of goals and objectives.

You are always free to choose any health care or service provider you wish. Many of the services/providers recommended/needed will not be available directly from Always Care, but the Always Care RN will be able to refer and/or manage the total continuum of services as an on going Case Management service.

If the RN identifies the need to use any services which are available directly from Always Care ® Nursing Service, such as In-Home, or In-Facility Care, and you elect to use any services provided by Always Care Nursing Service, overall long term total savings may be realized.