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National Nurse’s Week – How Did Florence Nightingale Inspire Today’s Caregivers?

Homecare in Sandy Springs GA: National Nurse's Week

Homecare in Sandy Springs GA: National Nurse’s Week

Florence Nightingale is one of our histories most famous nurses.
In celebration of National Nurse’s Week, learn more about this nurse and how she inspires many caregivers today.


Who Was She?

Known as the “Lady With the Lamp,” Florence Nightingale was born to a wealthy British family in 1820. Named for Florence, Italy, the city where they lived when she was born, Florence was drawn to nursing at an early age. She often volunteered her time helping take care of those in ill health living near her family’s home. This led to her belief that God wanted her to devote herself to nursing.

Her parents forbid her career choice. She went ahead and enrolled in a German nursing school when she was 30. Soon after, she returned to England and took a job at a hospital.

Her supervisor was impressed with her skill and promoted her. She volunteered her time at a second hospital and realized that the spread of disease was often the result of poor hygienic practices. She worked hard to teach people how to keep themselves and patient rooms sanitary to stop the spread of communicable diseases.

Word of her reputation spread. The Secretary of War asked her to form a nursing team to help the soldiers fighting the Crimean War. Upon her arrival, she was horrified by the unsanitary conditions with filthy water and supplies and insect and rodent infestations. She ordered the entire hospital to be cleaned and sterilized. This lowered the death rate by more than half.

Upon her return, Queen Victoria gave her a quarter of a million dollars as a reward. Nightingale used it to build a hospital that had an attached nursing school. She’s become a well-known figure for helping change standard medical practices.


Her Impact on Home Care Today

Whether your parent needs home care or skilled nursing care, Florence Nightingale’s impact is seen today. Sterile medical supplies are used in every medical office and by nurses in patient’s homes, doctor’s offices, and hospital wards.

Caregivers offering home care services also work hard to keep homes clean and free of infestations. Every toilet or sink that is disinfected and counter that’s sterilized can be credited back to Florence Nightingale’s practices.

If your parent needs care at home, call a home care agency. Nurses offer skilled nursing care. Caregivers can help with activities of daily living like housework, laundry, linen changeovers, and meal preparation. Call now.


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