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Serving Greater Atlanta
& More Since 1974

Call for Assistance: (404) 266-8773 or (800) 989-7828
24/7 Phones: Remember 404 26 Nurse
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Physical Therapy Services

Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises in Atlanta, GA

Notice of Privacy Practices

Always-Care Physical Therapy Inc. • ACPT is locally owned and managed Georgia Corporation, which refers independent Licensed Physical Therapists to work with clients in their own residences for specific treatments as ordered by the Client’s Physician. Fees for services vary depending on the PT Services provided as per physicians orders.

ACPT will bill the Client, or if an assignment of benefits is accepted, the client’s insurance or third party payor. (Medicare/Medicaid is not accepted). Clients or Client’s Payors are invoiced weekly and most major credit cards are also accepted.

For Information Contact  us at:

Call 404.266.8773

Fax 404.233.8098


NOTE: Always-Care Physical Therapy, Inc. is a separately owned company from Always Care of Georgia Inc. /d/b/a Always Care Nursing Service. Their offices are co-located, and they may be contacted at the same phone numbers.