Dressing tools might not be something your senior has considered, but they can make it much easier for her to do what she is trying to do. They’re particularly helpful if your elderly family member has dexterity trouble or mobility issues.


Homecare in Sandy Springs GA: Dressing Tools

Homecare in Sandy Springs GA: Dressing Tools


Dressing Tools and Sticks

Dressing sticks are a tool that have a variety of hooks and loops at each end. These allow your senior to grab and to secure clothing so that she can slip it on, hold it, or fasten it. These tools might seem a little awkward at first, but they improve her reach and with practice she may find that getting dressed is a lot easier to do.


Zipper Pulls and Button Hooks

Fasteners might be getting more difficult for your senior to operate, but there are tools that can help. Zipper pulls attach to the zipper and make it easier for your senior to move the zipper either up or down. Button hooks operate a little bit in the same manner, but they help to pull buttons through buttonholes on clothing. Both of these tools are incredibly helpful if your senior has difficulty with her hands.


Sock Holders

Sock holders are a helpful tool whether your senior has trouble bending to reach her feet or she lacks the dexterity to manipulate the sock over her foot. There are several varieties of these, but in the simplest sense you fit the sock over the holder and then your senior can slip her foot through the holder, putting the sock on her foot in the process.

Shoehorns and Shoe Holders

Shoe holders work a little in the same way as sock holders, only with her shoes. They allow her to approach putting her shoe on from another angle. Shoehorns, particularly ones with long handles, can also help with sliding a shoe on over your senior’s heel.


Shoe Elastics and No-tie Laces

Shoes can come with other problems, too. Those pesky laces might be difficult to tie or your senior may not be able to reach them easily. Elastic replacement laces or other types of no-tie laces, including Velcro versions, might be the answer. They can help your senior’s shoes to stay secured without creating additional problems for her.


Grabbing Tools

Grabbing tools, also called grabbers, might be useful all over your senior’s home, but they can also be used to help her to get dressed more easily. Grabbing tools can be particularly helpful when your elderly family member is selecting what she wants to wear for the day, especially if she has trouble leaning over to reach lower drawers or higher shelves.

Your senior might also benefit from the help of elder care providers when she’s getting dressed. They can assist her with just what’s giving her trouble, allowing her to do what she still can. This can be empowering for her and remove a layer of frustration, too.


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