If your elderly family member’s mobility issues are holding her back socially, she’s not alone. A great many people with mobility problems stay at home and isolate themselves rather than venturing out and about. That doesn’t have to be your senior’s fate.


Homecare in Roswell GA: Senior Social Tips

Homecare in Roswell GA: Senior Social Tips


Invite People to Visit with Her

If your senior isn’t as mobile as she used to be, one answer is to encourage the people she cares about to visit with her more often. Using a group calendar can help people to see when she’s available and when it’s not a good time to stop by. It’s always possible that people have assumed in the past that she was keeping to herself for a reason, so it’s important to let others know when your senior is open to having people come to her.


Find Ways for Her to Volunteer

Volunteering is a big way for people of all ages and abilities to feel as if they’re a viable part of the community. Your elderly family member might think that she isn’t able to volunteer any longer, but there’s probably a lot more that she can do than she realizes. There may even be ways for her to volunteer from the comfort of her home.


Use Technology to its Fullest

Technology makes so much possible that is difficult in person. If your elderly family member has family members and friends that are spread across the country or around the world, social media and video conferencing can help her to stay in touch. There are also plenty of different support groups your elderly family member can join that might help her to deal with some of the situations that she faces on a regular basis. Even though this contact is virtual rather than in person, it’s just as important for emotional and mental well-being.


Bring in Senior Care Providers

Part of what hinders socializing for seniors with mobility problems is that they’re literally stuck at home. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, bringing in senior care providers can be exactly what she needs. Senior care providers understand the challenges facing your elderly family member and they can help her to deal with them throughout her day, especially while they help her to be out in public more often.


Mobility problems can trick your senior into believing that her life as she knows it is truly over. That doesn’t have to be the case at all, though.


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