How mean are you to yourself on a daily basis? If you’re like a lot of other caregivers, self-compassion is something that you find a little difficult. There’s a lot that you have to do and to keep up with and it can all pile up and cause you to be too hard on yourself.


Homecare in Peachtree Corners GA: Caregiving Tips

Homecare in Peachtree Corners GA: Caregiving Tips


What’s Your Self-Talk Like?

Most people don’t realize how they talk to themselves until one particular situation makes that glaringly obvious. You might have to really pay attention for a while to realize that you’re not very nice when you talk to yourself in your own head. The problem with that is not that someone else might figure out what you’re doing. It’s that you hear those words and they damage your own self-esteem. How you talk to yourself matters. Start noticing so that you can make some adjustments.

Start a Journal

Now that you’re noticing how you talk to yourself, it’s time to do something about it. One way to do that is through a journal. You’re probably going to want to try several different journaling activities to turn this around. The easiest to start with is to write down what you say to yourself. When it’s down on paper, you can’t minimize those words anymore. It’s easy when it’s still in your head to tell yourself that you didn’t mean it that way. Putting it on paper forces you to see the words and to acknowledge that you wouldn’t say that to someone else, so you shouldn’t say it to yourself, either.

Switch up Your Perspective

Another journaling exercise that can help is to imagine that you’re talking to a friend of yours. Put yourself and your friend in some of the situations you’re in regularly as a caregiver or imagine that your friend is telling you that she’s had some of the experiences you’ve had. As you imagine yourself talking to her, what would you say to her? Write it out. You’d probably say encouraging, compassionate things to her. Practice saying those things to yourself.

What Do You Need?

One reason that you might be using negative self-talk with yourself is that you are dealing with a lot and there are definitely situations that don’t work for you as well as you would like. You might even be ignoring your own needs in favor of what your senior needs. Take some time and figure out what would help you and do what you can to meet those needs. You may even be able to hire some home care providers for some respite care

When you’re able to be more loving and compassionate with yourself that’s going to come through in every aspect of what you do as a caregiver. Spend some time being nicer to you.
You may wish to consider respite care to give yourself some you-time, call a home care service provider agency today to get more information.


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