It has been proven many times over how volunteering or “doing good” can be beneficial to not only the person or persons who are helped, but also by the person who is helping.


Homecare in Marietta GA: Doing good is good

Homecare in Marietta GA: Doing good is good


Aging does not have to hinder your loved one’s ability to give back. As a matter of fact, at this stage in his or her life, there is much more time to do so. Reading to children, serving food in a soup kitchen, becoming a foster grandparent, or volunteering at a hospital or museum are all ways that many seniors do good by volunteering.


Let’s take a look at the many benefits of doing good in your senior loved one.


Doing good bridges the generation gap

If your loved one is able to get out of the house to volunteer, doing so can help bridge the generation gap with the younger generation. Volunteering can create the opportunity for your loved one to work closely with younger people, passing on wisdom and changing those young people’s perspectives on aging.


Doing good is mentally and physically rewarding

Volunteering keeps the mind and body active. Placing your loved one in meaningful volunteer activities has been shown to lower the risk of some medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


Doing good offers opportunities to socialize

If your loved one is not getting out every day and interacting with others, he or she is missing out on needed social connections. Senior isolation is a common and sometimes overlooked problem. Getting out of the house and working with others is a good way to prevent isolation in your senior loved one.


Home-based volunteering opportunities

Your homebound loved one does not have to be left out. If your loved one is homebound, here are some suggested home-based volunteer opportunities that he or she can do.


  • Put together care packages for veterans
  • Mentor students online


How home care can help

Home care can be especially beneficial to fostering opportunities for your loved one to volunteer. Whether is it transporting him or her to volunteer jobs, or helping your homebound loved one with completing volunteer opportunities at home, utilizing your loved one’s home care provider would be a great help.

Remember, a home care provider is there to assist you, your family, and your loved one as much as possible. This includes assisting with daily household tasks that have become increasingly more difficult as your loved one ages, providing needed respite services, providing companionship, and helping your loved one establish a predictable daily routine.

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