Each year, flu season kicks off and starts to hit high activity after holiday gatherings. The CDC reports high activity already in Louisiana and Puerto Rico. At this point, many people have received their flu shot at area clinics or through their doctor.


Homecare in Dunwoody GA: Senior Flu Tips

Homecare in Dunwoody GA: Senior Flu Tips


Even with a flu shot, there’s a small chance you’ll get the flu anyway. The flu shot does tend to reduce the severity. If your mom ends up with the flu this season, these are the things you must do.


Take Her to the Doctor

Take her to see her doctor. If she has the flu, there are medications that can help lower the severity. You’ll also get helpful tips on what to be concerned about and what to do to help her feel better.

The doctor will also listen to her lungs and determine if it’s worth hospitalizing her. Pneumonia is one of the complications and the reason why the flu causes severe health issues in some people.


Take It Easy

The flu is a good time for your mom to sit back and let others do things for her. She should sleep when her body is tired. The rest of the time, she could watch a movie, catch up on a favorite TV show, or read a book. She needs to rest as much as she wants.


Drink Plenty of Fluids

Your mom needs to stay hydrated. She may feel like sleeping for hours, but she needs to stay hydrated in order to keep mucus thin and watery. Water, herbal teas, and natural fruit juices are good. If her throat is irritated from the constant coughing, warm water with honey and lemon may help.


Take Baths or Showers

Steam will help with congestion. Your mom should take warm showers and breathe in the steam. If she’d rather not stand, soaking in a bath helps. Lavender is a soothing scent that also helps open the airways.


Use Pain Relievers as Needed

The headache, fever, and body aches that come with a fever can make sleeping uncomfortable. Make sure you talk to your mom’s doctor about the best pain reliever to use. Ibuprofen can help reduce fever and ease the pain.


Hire Home Care

Talk to an agency about home care services. While she recovers, she can have caregivers taking over meal preparation, housework, and laundry. They’ll also make sure she drinks enough fluids and gets plenty of rest. If something does become concerning, there’s a caregiver there to call her doctor and notify you.


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