Moving your parent into your home can be a meaningful decision as they age in place.
This can make it easier for you to care for them, simplify care tasks, save money, and more. If you have decided this is the right choice for your family, it is important to plan carefully and go into this new arrangement with clear boundaries and expectations. This ensures your parent gets the care they need while supporting stronger, healthier relationships.


Homecare in Dunwoody GA: Senior Moving In Boundaries

Homecare in Dunwoody GA: Senior Moving In Boundaries


Though there are many different types of boundaries you should establish prior to your parent moving in, household boundaries maintain the management and flow of your home to improve your care efforts and reduce stress.


Some household boundaries to establish when your parent moves in include:
-Be clear about expectations regarding cleaning and maintaining the home. If you expect your parent to participate in keeping the home clean and organized, it is important to not only express this expectation but to detail which tasks are their responsibility and how they should be managed.

-Make sure your expectations regarding how the house should be kept or how responsibilities should be fulfilled are expressed and understood. If you are particular about how things are done, it is important to detail this and make it known you want it done that way.

-Remember your parent has their own ways of doing things and if they differ from yours, it can cause conflict. Discuss these differences and determine how each task will be handled. Find a way to compromise or determine which tasks are best for you to handle on your own.

-Create a chart or another visual display that will clearly delineate with task belongs to which person. This will help everyone in the house understand their role as well as clarify their expectations of others.

-Ensure each member of the family has adequate privacy and that appropriate steps are taken to secure and maintain this privacy. This should include installing locks as necessary and insisting on habits such as knocking on closed doors.

-Determine guidelines for basic daily habits or activities, such as watching television or showering. While these may seem like tasks that don’t need to be regulated, they can lead to conflict. Make schedules and establish guidelines, such as not changing the TV channel when another is watching.


Starting elder care for your aging parent can be an extremely beneficial decision both for your parent and for you as their family caregiver.

An elderly home care services provider can offer a wide range of customized services specifically designed with your parent in mind. This means they can get the exact support and care that is right for them and their needs. These services can include safe and reliable transportation, mobility support, help with personal care tasks, assistance with tasks throughout the home, meal preparation, medication reminders, and more.


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