Life doesn’t completely stop during a global pandemic, even though some things have shut down. Your senior may have health issues unrelated to the coronavirus that requires medical help. What happens then?


Homecare in Brookhaven GA: Doctor Appointments During a Pandemic

Homecare in Brookhaven GA: Doctor Appointments During a Pandemic


Telehealth Visits Are Preferable

If it’s at all possible, telehealth visits either via phone or video chat are the best option. Some issues might even be ones that your senior’s doctor can deal with via email. Find out now what the protocol is if your elderly family member should need to get medical help in the next few weeks. The other benefit to telehealth options is that they’re ideal if your senior needs help with transportation. If she does have to go in to the office, elderly care providers may be a good transportation option for her.


Visit the Doctor Only if it’s Absolutely Necessary

Some issues require your senior and her doctor to see each other in person. Even if your elderly family member is not ill with any sort of flu or respiratory illness, going to her doctor may make her nervous because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s very understandable. Taking all the right steps is going to be really important right now.


She Should Wear a Cloth Face Mask

Your elderly family member should wear some sort of cloth face-covering in public and especially to her doctor’s office. This can help her to avoid touching her eyes, nose, and mouth, which is crucial right now. It can also help to contain any of her own germs if she’s sick with something and doesn’t realize it. Carry hand sanitizer, if possible, and make sure that your senior washes her hands if she can when she’s out. If she isn’t able to wash them when she’s out and about, she should definitely wash them as soon as she gets home.


She Should Practice Social Distancing

While your elderly family member is out in public, she needs to practice social distancing. Many doctor’s offices are already prepared for this by removing extra chairs in the waiting room and spreading out the ones that are left. She should always stay at least six feet away from other people. In small waiting rooms and exam rooms, that might not be as easy as your senior hopes.


Use Touchless Payment Methods or Ask to Be Billed

Touchless payment methods are far more common than they used to be and they’re the perfect option for your senior right now. Even if she doesn’t have touchless payment options, her doctor’s office may have her preferred payment method on file. If that’s not possible, your senior might want to ask to be billed or ask to call in and pay over the phone. All of these methods can help to reduce contact with things other people have touched.


Hopefully, your elderly family member won’t need to go in to see her doctor while the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. But if she does, you’ll have a plan.


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