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Tips for Protecting a Senior Dealing with Bone Issues During Cancer

There are many potential side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Some of these may not even seem related to the condition, which can make it harder to identify and link to their cancer or cancer treatments. Understanding these effects, however, can make it easier for you to create the course of care and treatment that will help your parent pursue their care goals, stay healthier and safer, and continue to live the lifestyle they deserve.


Homecare in Brookhaven GA: Bone Issues During Cancer

Homecare in Brookhaven GA: Bone Issues During Cancer


One of these types of side effects is bone issues. Pain, weakness, and greater risk for fractures can all be detrimental to your senior’s health and safety, as well as their quality of life.

It’s important to protect your parent from the potential injuries that can occur as a result of these injuries so they can preserve their functioning as much as possible.


Use these tips to protect your senior dealing with bone issues during cancer:

-Acknowledge the pain they are suffering and take steps to reduce and control it. This can help them to feel more comfortable, but also improve their mobility

-Encourage them to stay as active as possible. Even if they are feeling fatigue and experiencing bone pain, staying active helps to keep their bones stronger and maintain better mobility, balance, range of motion, and energy as they age

-Support a healthy, balanced diet to help their bones and other tissues stay as strong as possible. While many believe dairy products are the only path to calcium, this is not the case. Many other foods contain this vital nutrient, with dark green leafy vegetables topping the list

-Provide physical support and assistance when your parent is active to help them stay on their feet. This can be particularly beneficial when your parent is performing tasks that tend to be most dangerous, such as bathing or walking on slippery surfaces


Mobility issues are extremely common among elderly adults.

These can be dangerous for any senior, but they are particularly risky among seniors who are living with cancer and experiencing bone issues. Elder care can be invaluable in helping your parent stay safe while still enjoying an active and engaged lifestyle. An elderly home care services provider can provide physical support and assistance to help them navigate their home or when on outings, help them with activities that can be dangerous, such as getting in and out of the bath, and support safe choices such as wearing their seat belt. All of these can help your parent to avoid serious injuries while still helping them feel independent and enjoy more activity as they age in place.

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