Your senior’s kidneys help to flush waste from her body, but if they’re not working properly that can cause those waste products to back up. If this is a very new and mild problem, then some simple lifestyle changes might be enough to reverse the problem.


Homecare in Atlanta GA: Help Kidney Issues


Make Sure Other Health Issues Are Managed

Health issues compound each other, so if your elderly family member is dealing with kidney issues and other health conditions at the same time, things become complicated. It helps if her other health issues are already under control and she can focus on making small changes to improve her kidney health. Your senior’s doctor is going to be the best source of assistance in this.


Find out How Much Water Your Senior Should Be Drinking

Dehydration is always a problem for older adults and it can cause big problems for your senior’s kidneys, too. Talk to her doctor about how much water your elderly family member should be drinking on a daily basis. Try to space out the day’s water throughout the entire day instead of overwhelming her kidneys and urinary tract system all at once. Drinking only water is sometimes difficult for people, so adding a little bit of lemon or lime juice can zest things up.


Check out Her Diet

If your senior hasn’t been eating the healthiest foods, now might be a good time to convince her to change her mind. She needs to be eating more of a “whole foods” diet, meaning fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. These types of foods, unlike processed foods, have plenty of minerals and vitamins as well as fiber and other nutrients. The problem is that this might mean she needs to cook more and that could be something she wants to avoid. One answer might be to have senior care providers come in and prepare healthy meals for her.


Help Her Cut Back on Some Not So Good Choices

Some of the things your senior most enjoys right now might not be a great idea. Activities like smoking or having a couple of glasses of wine with dinner can be a lot more taxing on her body and particularly on her kidneys than your senior should be experiencing right now. Cutting back on these choices can help her to recover a little more quickly.

It can be tough to make some of these changes, even if your senior knows how important they are. Do what you can and make sure that you talk with her doctor about whatever other changes are necessary.


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