Downsizing and moving are not easy to do, but especially if your elderly family member is attached to a great many of her belongings.

Homecare in Atlanta GA: Senior Downsizing Tips

Homecare in Atlanta GA: Senior Downsizing Tips


Try to Understand What’s Going On

Moving is difficult for just about everyone, but it can be especially difficult for your elderly family member. Some of her belongings may be particularly important because of who they belonged to in the past or other memories associated with them. This can result in a grieving process which becomes worse if you try to use too much pressure on your elderly family member to conform with what you’re trying to do.


See Exactly What You’re Dealing With

If your elderly family member doesn’t want to get rid of anything, that’s a different problem, of course. But usually, it’s a few specific items. Take some time to gather those belongings all in one place and get a good idea of what you’re dealing with in this situation. You may realize that some of the items actually can go with your senior, which is always good. Others may not be able to stay with her, but you can find another way for her to still have access to them.


Develop an Alternate Plan for Storage

Depending on the options available, you may be able to keep some of these items together in a box or safe storage area. Then, if your senior wants to swap out some belongings for these later, she can do that. This allows her to rotate some of her belongings if that’s something that can be done. Another way you can manage this may be for her to give some of these items to close family members with the understanding that she can “visit” these items periodically. Knowing that these items are still in the family can sometimes be a huge help.


Take Pictures of Favorite Items

If the items in question can’t go anywhere else and they still can’t go with your elderly family member, make sure that you take some pictures of them. Get as many angles as you can and put together a memory book for your senior with the pictures and any information she wants to include. This can help her to still have something of that item even after it’s gone elsewhere.

Remember to be gentle with your aging adult during this time. It can’t be easy for her and it’s another sign of loss in her life. Do what you can to help her keep as many of her favorite belongings as possible and help her to mourn the items she can’t keep.


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