When family members notice problems with their elderly relative concerning health, wellness, safety or lifestyle habits, it can be a difficult conversation to begin. Most elderly adults get offended, defensive and stubborn when confronted with facts about their declining abilities. It’s not unusual for seniors to get quite defensive and angry when family members suggest hiring elder care providers, even if it is for their own good.


Home Health Care in Johns Creek GA: Elder Care And Stubborn Seniors

Home Health Care in Johns Creek GA: Elder Care And Stubborn Seniors


Starting a Conversation About Elder Care Providers

When family members find that their aging loved one is stubbornly resisting care, there are several things they can do to try to change their mind:


• Save the conversation for a time when everyone is happy and relaxed to facilitate communication. Family members should speak using “I” statements and avoid raising their voice or accusing the elderly person.

• Describe receiving in-home care as a positive thing that will keep them safe, free them up to do other things and give them a chance to relax and avoid stress.

• Discuss what kind of help they really need. Many seniors mistakenly think that there are only two options in life—independence or full-time care. There is a range of options that help seniors age in their own home for many years.

• Address and resolve any issues surrounding the cost because finances are frequently a big part of an elderly person’s resistance to in-home care.

• Get help from other family members, doctors, clergy, friends and elder care providers to present a united front and help with persuasion.

• Include the elderly person in all decisions and work with their preferences instead of making decisions for them.

If family members find that their elderly loved one is still resistant to in-home care, they must try to find out what their specific resistance is about and work to alleviate it.


How to Convince Stubborn Seniors to Accept Care

There are some effective strategies that family members might consider that could help convince their aging loved one to accept in-home care services. The first and most effective is to implement a trial run. Stubborn seniors envision the worst-case scenarios when it comes to elder care providers, but once they interact with these professionals and experience all the benefits of in-home care, they often change their mind. When family members and elder care providers consider the aging adult’s point of view in things, they can avoid confrontations and anticipate areas of resistance.

Elder care providers also have the advantage of professional distance over family members. They are trained to work with seniors and provide compromises that are perhaps more appealing than untrained family members might present. Many seniors simply behave better for “strangers” than for family members.

Above all, the elderly person’s health and safety should be everyone’s primary concern when arranging for an elder care provider. With time and care, even the most stubborn elderly adults may come to accept in-home care.

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