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What Does it Mean to Be a “Sandwich” Caregiver?

Taking care of people older than you and younger than you is colorfully referred to as being the “sandwich” generation. The people you’re taking care of are the bread and you’re the meat of the sandwich. Without you, the bread doesn’t get what it needs, so you need to take care of you.


You’re Taking Care of a Range of People You Love

When you’re taking care of a wide range of generations, you’re balancing a variety of needs all at once. Your senior family member needs vastly different types of assistance than your children do. This can sometimes feel as if you’re bouncing from one extreme to another, especially when demands are high.


Self-care Is Vital

What you really need to be doing is taking proper care of yourself. If your needs aren’t being met, it’s much more difficult for you to go from one set of demands to another. Your basic needs, like food and rest, are the base of the pyramid. If you’re falling down on those, the rest is going to be even more difficult.


Delegation Is Also Vital

You have to delegate some duties to other people. You’re only one person and you need to be able to split up the responsibilities you’re facing. If you have other family members or friends who can help, that’s where you start. From there, elder care providers and other sources of help are where you need to turn.


Check Your Priorities

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. How you prioritize your tasks is going to give you a clue what you’re going to be able to accomplish and what’s going to get left on the list. Anything that isn’t mission critical either ends up on the delegation list or maybe doesn’t need to be on your list for now. That can be tough to realize, but it’s the reality in the caregiving situation you’re in.


Find Support for Where You Are

It’s one thing to seek out support for where you want to be, but what’s going to do you the most good is to find support for where you are right now. Support groups, particularly for other people who are in the sandwich generation, too, can help you to learn more about how to ensure that you’re okay while you take care of all the other people you love.


No matter how many generations you’re taking care of as a family caregiver, you’re doing all that you can. Give yourself some leeway to occasionally not have all the right answers. Surround yourself with tools and assistance that can allow you to take a step back when you need to the most.


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