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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Burnout with In-home Care

With the holiday season, many adults find themselves walking a tightrope of trying to balance all their responsibilities. When those adults are also family caregivers to an aging mom or dad, the stress can be quite high. It’s so easy for family caregivers to experience holiday burnout, which can lead to long-term chronic stress. The good news is that there are several ways that family caregivers can alleviate both holiday stress and caregiver stress by hiring in-home elderly care providers.

Home Care Services in Milton GA: Holiday Stress
Home Care Services in Milton GA: Holiday Stress

It’s common for an elderly parent to reach a point where there are too many obstacles to independent living that they need full-time help. The responsibilities often fall to an adult child, who becomes the family caregiver. Shouldering this responsibility is hard enough for most of the year, but it becomes especially difficult during the holiday season. Without some holiday respite from elderly care providers, family caregivers are on the fast track toward holiday burnout.

Here are 5 ways that family caregivers can avoid holiday burnout and hiring in-home elderly care providers.

  • Take Regular Breaks

Family caregivers know that their aging loved one’s needs are constant and without regular breaks, the stress can build. Hiring an elderly care provider to come on a regular schedule means that family caregivers have some quality time away from the daily duties of care. During the holiday season, this gives family caregivers a chance to shop, visit friends, attend celebrations and enjoy the small details of the season.

  • Create a Workable Holiday Schedule

There are usually many events and festivities that family caregivers want to attend, from work parties and family reunions to concerts and outdoor recreation events. By setting it all out on a calendar and coordinating with the elderly care provider ahead of time, family caregivers will be able to attend all the events they want while knowing their aging loved one is not alone. Participating in fun holiday traditions is a sure stress-buster for family caregivers.

  • Invest in Health and Wellness

With the holidays, there’s a tendency to ignore healthy habits that lead to better health and wellness. Family caregivers often do this anyhow, as they can rarely find the time to eat healthy, exercise and get a good night’s sleep. When the body is healthy and fit, it’s easier to handle accumulating responsibilities and withstand the effects of chronic stress that leads to holiday burnout.

  • Let Go of Guilt

For some reason, people have high expectations of themselves around the holidays. From hosting perfect parties to finding just the right gift, people are unnecessarily hard on themselves and feel guilty if things aren’t just right. Family caregivers often have extra doses of guilt when dealing with aging parents, too. By letting go of guilt and embracing the holidays in all their messy and wonderful imperfections, family caregivers can also let go of holiday stress.

  • Lean On Others

Family caregivers often feel as if they have to do everything themselves, from their own life to caring for a loved one to managing the holidays. The may be too proud or too shy to ask others for help. After hiring an elderly care provider, they must be willing to ask family members and friends for assistance in managing all their responsibilities. Allowing others to serve them is definitely a big relief, especially during the holidays.

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