When you’re trying to keep your senior as safe and as healthy as possible, you face a lot of obstacles. Reducing your senior’s risk factors is not always easy to do, but with the help of senior care services, you may be able to cover more ground than you would if you were completely on your own still. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about her specific risks so you know what to target.


Senior Care in Atlanta GA: Senior Care Assistance

Senior Care in Atlanta GA: Senior Care Assistance


Readmittance to the Hospital

If your elderly family member has been admitted to the hospital, whether for a day or for many weeks, the goal, once she’s ready to come home, is to keep her out of the hospital again. The odds are good, though, that she can reinjure herself or be susceptible to infections once she returns home. Working with home care providers is an excellent way to reduce the risk that your senior will have to go back into the hospital.


Falls are another huge risk for your elderly family member. People who fall once are twice as likely to fall again, and that can lead to serious health problems. Checking and double-checking safety in the home, ensuring that she has help with mobility, and being there with her are all tools that can keep your senior’s fall risk low. But if you can’t be there with her as often as you’d like, senior care providers can handle all of this, too.


If your senior isn’t eating well or isn’t eating hardly at all, she’s facing the risk of malnutrition. When her body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to remain strong, she can find herself losing muscle mass, battling illnesses with a weakened immune system, and generally feeling lousy. Keeping her well-nourished can help your senior to avoid all of those issues.

Social Isolation

Loneliness and social isolation are huge issues for older adults. Your elderly family member may start out isolating just a little, but as depression builds those times of isolation can grow and grow. This can be incredibly damaging for her both physically and emotionally. Senior care providers can be the companions your senior needs and they can help her to become more involved with other people again, too.

Senior care providers can minimize these and other risks for your senior. There are a lot of variables, of course, so doing everything that you can think of to help prevent some of these issues is incredibly important.


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