Do you ever wonder what the best way is to help your elderly loved one live their best life? What about laughter? Research shows that laughter can bring so much greatness to one’s life. It can put someone into a positive state of mind. It can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Laughter really is the most effective form of medicine. Learn more today about how laughter can truly benefit your elderly loved one.


Home Care Services in Marietta GA: Help your elderly loved one


Lowering Blood Pressure/Increasing Blood Flow

Did you know that laughter can reduce your elderly loved one’s blood pressure? It can also increase their blood flow, as well. If your elderly loved one suffers from high blood pressure, find ways to bring more laughter into their life.


Lowering Stress Levels

Does your elderly loved one suffer from high-stress levels? If so, you should find ways to help them laugh more often. When someone is stressed, their body has more cortisol (a natural stress hormone). However, research shows that those who laugh more often have lower cortisol levels.


Improving Memory

Has your elderly loved one been forgetting things? If their memory loss is just due to aging, laughter might be able to help. Research shows that laughter can reduce stress levels. When someone is stressed, they are much more likely to forget things. If you can help to relieve your loved one’s stress, they might have improved memory.


More Physical Activity

When someone is laughing, their entire body is engaging. All the nerves and muscles in their body are being activated. If your elderly loved one needs to increase the amount of physical activity in their life, laughter can be a great starting point.


Better State of Mind

People who laugh more are likely to be in a better state of mind. If your elderly loved one is normally a negative thinker, bringing more laughter into their life can start to change this. Laughter can help them to see that things don’t have to be seen in a negative light. They can start to think more positively from this point forward.

There are so many different ways that laughter can help your elderly loved one. Whether you or senior care providers are helping out your loved one, be sure that laughter is brought into their life more often. The more that your elderly loved one laughs, the more benefits they are going to have. Whether you want to help your loved one have more happiness in their life or you want to help improve their health, laughter is the key.

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