You might be worried that your senior is just being stubborn, but the desire to age in place is a very real one. It’s not always the easiest thing for your aging adult to do, though, and it can require a bit of extra help to make sure that she is safe at home as well as happy. That means you might need to do some investigating as her caregiver.


Home Care Services in Marietta GA: Aging In Place

Home Care Services in Marietta GA: Aging In Place


Getting Around

There’s a lot to be concerned about in terms of your senior’s mobility. First, there’s her mobility at home. If her balance is off or if she has a great deal of pain when she walks, that can leave her more susceptible to injury. The other consideration is whether your elderly family member can still drive safely on her own. Either of these two concerns could be a barrier to her remaining where she is.


Socialization and Isolation

Isolation is a huge problem for senior family members and yet it can still get overlooked. If your elderly family member isn’t as mobile as she used to be, it’s possible that she’s staying home far more than she ever did before and therefore hardly encounters anyone. You might want to dig a little bit into your aging adult’s activities with other people. If it seems as though she’s not interacting as much as she once was, you may need to talk to her about the reasons for that change.


Household Chores

Household tasks and chores may not seem like a big deal until they become more difficult for your senior to manage on her own. Tasks like laundry can build up until they seem insurmountable. Your elderly family member may have difficulty maneuvering a vacuum cleaner or other tools while maintaining her balance, too. All of this can be a big problem.


Meal Preparation and Cleanup

Everything involved with eating regularly and healthfully seems simple enough, but it can take more energy and effort than you realize. It can take so much of both, in fact, that your elderly family member might resort to less healthy meal options or worse, stop eating as much as she should. This isn’t sustainable for her and can lead to serious health issues quickly.


You probably handle a lot of these situations for your senior, but you don’t have to do it alone. Senior care providers can take many of these tasks off your plate and ensure that your elderly family member has what she needs.


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