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Considerations for Your Elderly Dad’s Care When You Live Overseas

The first day of June is the Global Day of Parents. It’s a time to honor the parents who raised you. Celebrate how they shaped you into the person you’ve become. It’s also a good time to consider their needs as they age.

Home Care Services in Marietta GA: Senior Care From Overseas

Home Care Services in Marietta GA: Senior Care From Overseas



By the time a person is 65, it’s likely that at least one chronic health condition is present.
This can make aging at home difficult. When you live overseas, it’s very hard to help them. You may be able to video chat and talk regularly on the phone. You won’t be close enough to cook their meals, drive them to doctor’s appointments, or do their laundry.


Talk to Your Parents to Assess Where They Need Help

Chat with your parents over a video chat service like WhatsApp or Messenger. When you chat over video, you’ll be able to see them and possibly see some of the house in the background. Look for warning signs like excessive clutter, dirty clothing that’s worn often, or weight loss/weight gain.


What Can You Help With From a Distance?

Living overseas doesn’t mean you can’t help at all. You could help your parents pay bills on time. When you are able to visit, talk to your parents about granting you a financial power of attorney. If they struggle with bill paying, you could pay bills for them online.

You won’t be able to do attend doctor appointments. If your parents give you permission and fill out HIPAA and power of attorney paperwork, you will be able to talk to the doctor after appointments. Many have email systems patients and their POAs can use to ask questions and look at appointment notes and test results.

You can arrange services like lawn care, HVAC cleanings, and senior care services online or by phone. Using services like Google Talk or Skype, it’s easy to connect to businesses in your parents’ area.


Talk to Senior Care

A senior care agency can assess your parents for you and report back on services that would benefit them. Your mom and dad may be resistant at first, but as they adjust to the idea, they’ll realize having a caregiver helps them with independence and aging at home.

You may live on another continent. That doesn’t mean your parents have to be alone. Professional caregivers are available to help them with errands, housekeeping, and senior care services. You can also ask for reports to keep you up to date. Call a senior care agency to arrange caregivers for your parents.

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