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Busy Family Caregivers Value Regular Exercise

Most people know that regular exercise is good for adults of all ages, regardless of age, weight, and ability. Numerous studies show that when adults enjoy regular exercise, defined as three sessions of 30 minutes of moderate activity per week, they greatly boost their overall health, plus reduce the risk of contracting diseases.


Home Care Services in Brookhaven GA: Caregiver Exercise

Home Care Services in Brookhaven GA: Caregiver Exercise



However, despite so much positive evidence, it’s difficult for most adults to find the time to work out. Family caregivers are especially burdened with limited time for personal pursuits due to the demands of their responsibilities to their elderly loved ones. Frustration, worry, and fatigue are common with family caregivers that dedicate much of their time to elder care. That’s why it’s so important for family caregivers to find time for themselves to pursue self-care activities such as exercise.


Family Caregivers are More Likely to Suffer from Burnout

Taking care of an aging adult is difficult, regardless of their physical or mental health issues. Many seniors who can no longer live independently depend on a family member to help with household chores, meal preparation, personal care issues, and financial help. In some cases, family caregivers cannot even leave the aging adult on their own for even a few minutes, especially for those that suffer from moderate to severe dementia. This constant responsibility leads many family caregivers to experience chronic stress which leads to burnout.

It’s important for family caregivers to figure out ways to get some time to themselves and have some respite from serving their aging loved one. Other family members, friends, community organizations and senior care providers are the best resources for family caregivers that need some time and space for themselves to run errands, pursue hobbies and exercise.


Benefits of Exercise for Family Caregivers

Every family caregiver can benefit from some type of exercise, and those that do so regularly can achieve positive physical and mental health. Regular exercise can also help them become better family caregivers. It can strengthen muscles and bones and lead to greater energy levels and stamina. Exercise lowers health risks for many diseases and chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and depression. Besides these illnesses, regular activity can boost a person’s mood, control weight, and flood the body with feel-good hormones that combat chronic pain.


Hiring a senior care provider may be the most effective way to ensure that family caregivers get adequate time to engage in meaningful exercise.
Dependable, professional and reliable, senior care providers have the experience and training to keep seniors safe and comfortable while their family caregivers are gone. Family caregivers can focus on their own needs for a few hours each day or each week when there’s a compassionate and responsible senior care provider around.

As family caregivers make New Year’s resolutions about becoming healthier and happier, regular exercise should figure prominently in their plans. Hiring senior care providers can make their desire for better health a reality in the coming year.


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