There are lots of different types of arthritis and ways that it can affect your senior’s life. There are also a variety of ways to treat this painful condition. Your senior’s doctor might recommend exercise to her, but why?


Home Care Services Atlanta GA: Exercise for Arthritis

Home Care Services Atlanta GA: Exercise for Arthritis


Her Muscles Can Get Stronger

It’s extremely important that everything around the joints that hurt works as well as possible. That means that muscles and ligaments need to be flexible, strong, and able to support those joints that are affected by arthritis. When her muscles are stronger, they can do more to help her to feel better.


Her Joints Do Need to Move More

When your senior moves her joints, even the ones that are hurting a bit, that moves fluids around in the joints and can warm them up a bit. Often it’s painful to start moving them and it’s painful to avoid moving. But just the right amount of movement helps everything to work a little bit better. The idea isn’t to cause pain for your senior. It’s to help those joints to keep from locking up for good.


She Might Develop More Energy

Exercise can really help with energy levels, especially if your senior has been feeling a little down emotionally, too. Exercise releases endorphins and other happy chemicals from within the brain that allow her to feel better overall. If she’s been battling pain and other issues for a while, all those happy chemicals help quite a bit.


She Can Feel Better about What She Can Do

Keeping your elderly family member moving can help her to remember that there’s lots that she can still do. She can build her confidence again, especially as she grows stronger. It’s incredibly empowering for her to realize that just a little exercise can do so much for her self-esteem.


She Might Lose a Few Pounds

Something else that might occur is that your elderly family member may find herself losing a couple of pounds when she starts exercising. This might not be something she’s aiming for, but if she’s dealing with arthritis in her hips, knees, or elsewhere in her lower body, excess weight can add to that pain. Make sure that her doctor monitors her weight so that she doesn’t lose too much, especially if she’s on the smaller side.

Exercise can do so much for someone with arthritis, but so can other tools, too. It might be time to bring in elder care providers to help with tasks that are becoming more difficult and to free up time and energy that your senior can use in other ways.

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