You might have already tried to talk to your elderly family member about driving and found that it wasn’t as easy as you expected. Try these steps and see if they help.

Home Care Services in Alpharetta GA: Senior Driving

Home Care Services in Alpharetta GA: Senior Driving

Check Your Own Attitude First

This may seem like an odd first step, but it’s important. You’re going to need to make sure that you’re not approaching this conversation and this topic with a chip on your own shoulder. If you’re angry, irritated, or frustrated, that’s what your senior is going to focus on rather than the important topic of her own safety. So, remember to take some deep breaths and make sure you’re prepared emotionally.

Make Sure You’re Talking about the Right Stuff

You’ve got to have your ducks in a row for this talk. Do you have some experience with how your senior is driving right now? If you don’t, you might want to go ahead and ride in her car as a passenger a few times. Avoid the urge to critique her driving, just make note of what has you concerned. You’re going to want to distill this raw information down into details you can offer her as part of the negotiation.

Talk through What Might Work

This truly is a negotiation with your elderly family member. Determine what you’re not willing to negotiate, like her driving in bad weather or at night, and stick to your guns on those. If there are situations that you’re willing to be flexible about, you can share those with her. When does your senior feel less comfortable behind the wheel? When would she appreciate help? Also, determine what her fallbacks are. Can you drive her, or will you be hiring elderly care providers to help her with driving and getting where she needs to go?

Determine When Changes Should Happen

Are these changes ones that need to happen as soon as possible, or are they changes you can phase in for your senior? It’s important to know that during the negotiation process. There may also be a delay in implementing these ideas while your senior gathers more information on her own. She may want to get her doctor’s opinion, for instance. Or she might agree to having an independent evaluation of her ability to drive.

You may find yourself and your senior renegotiating this situation more often than you expect. Remember that your senior’s identity might be more wrapped up in being an independent adult than even she expects. Patience will get you far.


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