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Five Tips for Dealing with Strange Behaviors from Far Away

If you and your senior don’t live in the same area, you might find that one day you get that call from a relative or from someone you know letting you know that your senior is exhibiting some odd behavior. The nature of that behavior might vary, but the gist is that things have changed for your senior and you need to somehow solve that issue.


 Home Care in Sandy Springs GA: Distance Caregiving Tips

Home Care in Sandy Springs GA: Distance Caregiving Tips


Try to Get the Full Picture

The very first thing that you need to do if you’re hearing about odd behaviors on your senior’s part is to get the full picture about what’s going on. You can start with your aging family member. This is a good idea because sometimes situations are misinterpreted. Also, if you have friends or family members who can stop in and visit with your senior, that can help you to get a second or third opinion.


Talk to Her Doctor

If you haven’t already, it might be time to start talking with her doctor about what might be going on medically. Changes in how her brain works can create behavior issues and could be some of the first signs that your elderly family member is dealing with dementia now. There might be other health issues at play, too, such as bladder infections. In seniors, the symptoms are a little different and might most commonly be changes in behaviors.


Look for Ways to Keep an Eye on the Situation

Keeping an eye on how things are progressing is important, especially if you’ve made changes to her home or to something else in order to help her. One of the best ways to really get full information about what’s working and what isn’t is to hire elderly care providers to keep you informed. They can help your elderly family member to handle normal daily tasks, too, like taking care of cleaning tasks or laundry.


Stay Calm and Try not to Get into Arguments

This can be an emotionally trying time for you as well as for your senior. It’s important that you’re able to stay as calm as possible and that you avoid arguments and conflicts with your aging adult. It’s much more difficult to get the information that you need when your emotions are running the conversation.


Get Help for Yourself, Particularly if the Situation Is Getting Abusive

Depending on the type of strange behaviors your senior is exhibiting and what might be causing them, your elderly family member might be agitated, irritated, and even accidentally abusive. Talking to other caregivers at a support group meeting can help immensely, but don’t be afraid to reach out for more help if you find that you need it.


Ultimately, you may need to be closer to your senior in order to help her more. But until that time there are some tools you can utilize to get the best assistance possible for her. Each set of tools fits together to help both of you to get the results that you need.


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