June is National Safety Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to review safety issues facing your aging parent, such as fires.

Home Care in Roswell GA: June Is National Safety Month

Home Care in Roswell GA: June Is National Safety Month

Home fires are a serious risk for elderly adults, with this group being the most vulnerable to experiencing injuries or even death as a result of fires. The number of deaths among civilians due to home fires has fortunately decreased over the last few decades, but nearly 3,000 people throughout the United States die each year as a result of fires in homes. A large percentage of these are older adults. As a family caregiver, it is important you make protecting them from dangers such as this an ongoing part of your care efforts for them.

Make sure these steps are taken to ensure your senior’s home is fire safe:


-Make sure there are smoke detectors installed throughout the home, including inside bedrooms and near sleeping areas, as well as on every level of the home.

If your parent has hearing problems,
use smoke detectors that use flashing lights as well as an alarm.

Test the smoke detectors every month
rather than every six months. Don’t wait until the batteries are completely depleted to replace them.

Be sure there is a fire extinguisher
on every floor of the house, and in any areas that might be used for potentially hazardous activities such as crafts that involve heat.

Never use real candles
near anything flammable.

Never use a fireplace
that has not been professionally examined and inspected.

Never use any frayed
or otherwise damaged electrical wires.

If you notice any signs of a short,
such as walls that are warm around electrical outlets, sparks, or smoke from electrical outlets, get it checked immediately.


How can home care help?

Having an elderly care provider with your parent can make a tremendous difference in your confidence as a family caregiver. You cannot be with your aging loved one at all times, but your parent may need more care and support than you can provide in the time you have to be with them.

This can leave you feeling as though your parent is not getting enough support, or worrying that they are not safe in their home. Finding an elderly care provider is essential to your well-being. They can be with your aging parent when you are not available or handle care tasks that are too challenging or too sensitive for you. This not only ensures your senior has what they need on a daily basis, but also enables you to step back from your care efforts, relieves stress, and protects your quality of life as well.

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