Each week, your dad gets restless and wants to get out of the house. COVID-19 has him eager to go out and grocery shop. While you’d be okay with it if he took precautions, he’s not fond of the mask he has. You’re not sure he’d remember to apply hand sanitizer until he got home. How do you make sure he has the groceries he needs when you don’t live nearby?


Home Care in Milton GA: Order the Groceries Your Dad Needs


Meal Kit Boxes

Have you considered buying him meal kits online? They’re shipped in packages with dry ice to keep the meats and produce cold. He chooses the meals he wants and gets the things he needs to make each recipe. A large recipe card is also included. If he wants to skip weeks, he can. If he wants to cancel, he can do that too.

He can get enough food to make a few meals a week and have leftovers to last him for the rest of the week. He still will need some groceries, but you can purchase things like flour, soap, and paper towels online and have it shipped to his home.


Order Online Groceries for Delivery

Many larger towns and cities offer grocery delivery services. Order what you want online, pay for it, and wait for your delivery slot. If your dad likes within a delivery zone, he can have the groceries brought right to his door.

Expand your thoughts beyond a traditional grocery store. If there’s a farm near your dad, they may be offering delivery of items like milk, yogurt, and other dairy products. Bakeries may be offering home delivery of fresh loaves of bread and pastries. Some farmers are also delivering produce boxes where you pay one price and get an assorted box of fruit and vegetables.

If delivery isn’t offered, he may be able to get groceries for curbside pick-up. That allows him to get his groceries without having to leave his car. He arrives, calls to let the business know he’s there, and they bring it to his car.


Hire Caregivers to Run Errands

Did you know you can hire elderly care aides to run errands for your dad? He can work with his caregiver on a grocery list, have the caregiver help him order groceries online, and let the caregiver pick them up. Elderly care can put his groceries away and prepare meals for him if he would benefit from that service. Call to get prices.


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