It’s hot outside. The temperature is soaring into the 80s and 90s. It’s miserable, but your mom loves it. She is trying to spend hours outside in her gardens and sitting on the patio reading her books. Should you be worried?


Home Care in Brookhaven GA: Senior Outside Safety

Home Care in Brookhaven GA: Senior Outside Safety


Some seniors do have a hard time regulating body temperatures. Your mom may find herself feeling cold on a regular basis. Being outside in the sun is helps her to feel warm. There can be some harm to that, however. Hotter temperatures increase the risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sunburn. There are things you can do to lessen the dangers.


Make Sure She Uses Sunscreen

If she wants to be outside in the sun, make sure your mom uses a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is applied every two hours. A little amount isn’t enough. She needs enough sunscreen to fill a one-ounce shot glass. All of her exposed skin needs to be covered, including her ears, eyelids, and forehead.


Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat

A hat provides some shade to the face. Buy your mom a wide-brimmed hat and make sure she wears it. If the hat has flaps that cover the ears, that keeps the ears protected from the sun.


Have a Shady Spot

If possible, create a shady spot for your mom to sit. An umbrella at a patio table helps. Putting up a lattice trellis and growing flowering vines creates a wall that will cast a shadow and create shade. The other option is to purchase an awning.


Dress in Layers

If your mom is prone to feeling cold one minute and hot the next, have her wear layers that she can easily remove. A tank top with a light cotton blouse works well in the summer. If she gets too hot, she can remove the blouse, but it goes on easily if she feels too cold again.


Stay Hydrated

Make sure your mom is drinking enough while she’s outside in the heat. She should aim for a cup of water each hour. If she’s sweating excessively or very active, she needs to increase the amount she drinks. She also needs to make sure she’s not too active given the heat.

If she has a hard time remembering when she last had a glass of water, it’s time to bring in-home care services to help her. You don’t want her becoming dehydrated and falling down or passing out in her yard. Caregivers offer companionship and they’ll remind your mom when it’s time to have a glass of water or take a break from the heat.


Talk to a home care representative to discuss the services that will help your mom stay safe outside during the hottest days of summer. Call now.


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