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Thanksgiving 2018



Fall is in the Air.

Pumpkins are Everywhere –

as we anticipate the Celebration of Thanksgiving.



At Always Care – we are especially:




for all of our clients who have honored us with Caring for them,
their Family, or their Friends.
We deeply appreciate your trust and your referrals.



that as of November 30th, 2018,
Always Care will complete Forty-Three (43) Years,
providing In-Home and In-Facilities services
for Clients in the Greater Atlanta and other areas of Georgia.



For our Care-Giver Employees who have provided
Personalized Quality Care for our clients In-Home and In-Facilities
by practicing our Family Owned and Operated business Mission –
stated as: “Taking Care Of Yours … As If They Were Ours” ®
For those who referred Clients, their Friends, Co-workers, and Family to us,
some of whom have several generations of family who worked for Always Care.



To be in the Best Country in the world with;
the Best Leadership {Thank You for Your Service}
the Best Military {Thank You for Your Service}
the Best First Responders {Thank You for Your Service}
with the Best Constitution, Bill of Rights and Freedoms
for all our fellow Citizens – Who are Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
And the Freedom to work and provide the Best Care, for the Best People.

From all of us at Always-Care ® Nursing Service


We wish you and your family a

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!



The Management Staff of Always Care ® Nursing Service

(Since 1974)



If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Atlanta, GA, please call the caring staff at Always Care Nursing Service today.
Call for Assistance: (404) 266-8773 or (800) 989-7828

Howard Gruensfelder, VP / Administrator

VP/Administrator at Always Care Nursing Services
Howard H. J. Gruensfelder - B.S.M.[Bachelor of Science in Management GA-TechGA.]

Administrator of 3 Florida (Always Care) Home Health Agencies for over Fourteen years.

Always Care of Georgia since 2001

Served as a 1st Lt. In the US Army