In case you missed it we opened our doors on 1, December 1974 (45 years ago). At that time the population of the Atlanta Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area [SMSA] was 2.1 million. As of March 2019, the Atlanta Metro Area [SMSA] population is 7.2 Million and counting.


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Want proof? – (According to Fox5 Atlanta TV) Atlanta Traffic is the 4th Worst in the USA and the 8th Worst in the World. The full traffic study can be found here:
We know that this more difficult for older citizens who do not get out much, or not at all, and who may no longer drive, to comprehend the immenseness, the complexity and the volume of the traffic.
They remember what it was – and do not have the same experiences as current drivers.


Our wonderful caregivers drive in the Atlanta Traffic every day to your location – to serve you.
It is normally more difficult – if it is the first time that they are coming to your location, to learn the route and estimate their travel time. However, even if they have been to you before, leave early and know the route, – a wreck – a fire, – another emergency, – a special event, that results in a road closure, a detour onto unknown roads, can result in more traffic gridlock and more travel time than normal. We all know about – stopping for the Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulances, and what my kids ride, the – Big -Yellow – Slow – School Buses that we all stop for safety, and what seems to take forever while they load and unload.

Where I live – they are changing a key intersection and other roads. They will be closing different parts of different roads on different days, at different times, for different phases of construction. Even if I know when and what they are, many others drivers will not AND THERE WILL BE Traffic GRIDLOCK and DELAYS.

Even with a GPS, it may be inaccurate and/or confusing. The GPS may not know of the latest local traffic/road conditions. My GPS has taken me down wrong streets, dead ends, and the long – or wrong way.

We have noticed that the Atlanta Area Morning Rush HOUR is from 6am to 9 am, and the Evening Rush HOUR is from 4pm to 7pm. A lot depends on if you are driving with or against the traffic flow; Morning, (into the City) or Evening (from the City). We always try when possible to assign the appropriate Care Givers who are closest to you, however, that is not always possible, based on scheduling lead time and our caseload.
None of the Always Care management condones our caregivers being late. However, we ourselves get caught in these traffic messes, even if – we leave reasonably early, and know the route.



So that said, – IF – it is critically important that your caregiver be to you at an exact time for your critical appointment, we suggest that you schedule them at least 30-60 minutes early.

We are sure that over the years, you have had other service people that come to your location by appointment. Example: Cable TV Repair. They usually give their arrival time – at a time – within a 2, or even a 4-hour window.

For now – we schedule an exact time, for our caregiver to arrive, but that is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the truth!

It is not unforeseen that in the future – circumstances may force us to implement a similar policy, where the caregiver arrival is a Time would be a range within a Window, vs. a Hard Time. If this becomes necessary, you will only be charged (as is the case now) for the time that the caregiver is proving services for you.

Remember – Your caregivers are trying their best to be prompt.



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