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Try to imagine – that you owned a Restaurant – AND YOU NEVER, TASTED THE FOOD THAT YOU SERVED to your customers! You would say it’s Impossible! Hard to Believe!

But, think about “Healthcare Providers” Hospitals, Doctors, Always Care (Care Givers) – Personal Care Aides & Nurses!

None of us, want to be sick, and/or be in the position of needing some healthcare procedure or services that may need to be provided to us, by others. Hospitals are not built wishing that people get sick. They are built because they know that sooner or later, most everyone will need something. The same for every Health Care Provider!Now to the Point – OUR – Mission Statement – which is stated as;

“Taking Care Of Yours … As If They Were Ours” ®

It is because we are Family Owned and Family Managed, and, we have – taken care of our own!

You see, when our family had to go from being a Provider to being a Client, and experiencing the services which we provide, it gave us a whole new viewpoint – as a consumer.

Over sixteen years ago, I managed six of our offices in the Tampa Bay FL. area (Since Sold).

My Father needed to have Back Surgery in Sarasota FL, where we had one of our offices. My stepmother, Ellie Gruensfelder, R.N., was on a trip and not able to be there. So we used an Aide from our staff, for Private Duty – Post Surgery in the Hospital. (A great comfort and assistance for any In-Patient) and we still provide this service. (If the Hospital will allow due to Covid-19)

Later on, my Grandmother, who lived here in Atlanta with my Father and Ellie for 16 years, became terminally ill. We used our Personal Care Aides, (PCA’s) around the clock for her care at home, until she passed at home.

So we understand – having help – in the home – from the Consumer Point of View.

WE GET IT!   So our mission statement is our pledge to you!

“Taking Care Of Yours … As If They Were Ours” ® We are OPEN and READY!


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care in Atlanta, GA, please call the caring staff at Always Care Nursing Service today.

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