We don’t know who penned this list of Annual Fears, but he/she is Right On!


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Is COVID-19 Serious? Yes! We do have to take some safety and “Common Sense” measures to protect ourselves, and those who we associate with.

At Always Care, we are very proud of our Fearless Caregivers (PCA’s and Nurses) that have “carried on providing care” for our In-Residence/In-Home clients.

We were DEEMED “Essential Services.” Many people and services were Deemed Essential. Not sure under The U.S. Constitution who had any legal authority to do such DEEMING and Abolished Our Civil Liberties? And some “Elected” Officials, want to put people in jail for working while Freeing Convicted Criminals? Re-elect them again?

Think about it. How many places we could get groceries; Aldi’s, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Publix, Target, and more. Gas stations were open. Small Mom & Pop businesses & Restaurants NO!
We could get an Electrician. Air Conditioner Repair, Trash Pick Up – and I could go on and on.
So who were the Unlucky Ones whose Jobs are Not Essential? How were you chosen/by whom?

Have you noticed that all of the people who were telling others that they were “Not Essential” and to stay home, were still employed? Still getting a paycheck. The 37% (a number that I hear) called The Lap Top Elite. Working remotely, which may or may not have been at home. If you are, hungry, broke, losing your home, your job or your business, and more, are you convinced that Your Job is Non-Essential? So – should all the So-Called Non-Essential Workers, and the other citizens wait for A Covid-19 Virus Vaccine to go out in public?

Last year my Father got BOTH the Flu Vaccine, and the Pneumonia Vaccine.
What happened? You guessed it! He caught both of them – Simultaneously!

So is the COVID-19 Vaccine, is going to cure the Corona Virus,
Just Like the Flue Vaccine – cured the Flu, and the Pneumonia Vaccine cured it!

Now that we have ESSENTIALLY Destroyed our Economy,

is it time to wake WORK up Americans? Hmmm? You Decide!

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