According to the State of Georgia, Private Home Care Provider Rules, Regulation Definition: “Companion or Sitter tasks” means the following task which are provided to elderly, handicapped, or convalescing individuals: transport and escort services; meal preparation and serving, and household task essential to the cleanliness and safety.

From the State of Georgia, Interpretive Guidelines of the above rule; Hands onservices, such as assistance with bathing, feeding, toileting or assistance with ambulation or transfer are classified as personal care services would require licensing for those services.”

Thus for Companion or sitter services – the Don’ts are as Simple as 1, 2, &3. (1) no touch, (2) No Touch & (3) NO TOUCH! Definition of Touch: “to put hand upon in any way or degree”

Georgia Private Home Care Providers [PHCP] are not all licensed the same.
There are 3 Licensed Services and each requires the PHCP to be licensed in order to provide each respective service. The three licenses are:
(1) Companion or Sitter Services – Non Care services by a Companion or Sitter.
(2) Personal Care Services – Non Medical Care provided by a Personal Care Assistant [PCA]
(3) Nursing Services – Skilled Nursing Care per Physicians Orders – provided by LPNs & RNs.

A PHCP may be licensed to provide, any combination of 1, 2, 3 or all 3.

    Always-Care ® is Licensed for ALL of the Three of the Services.

If Nursing Care & Personal Care is needed, we provide Integrated & Coordinated care teams!

Is there a NEED for Companion or Sitter Services? – Yes – But, over the past 45 years, we have found that 99% of our prospective clients, who are mostly – elderly, handicapped, or convalescing individuals, will need some minimal touching, even as little as Steadying while walking, Helping them out of a chair, into and/or out of the bathtub, or automobile, and more.
   Therefore, if there is – ANY TOUCHING REQUIREMENT – that requires a PCA.


What are the PERSONAL CARE TASK provided by a PCA?

According to the GA Private Home Care Provider Rules Regulation Definition: “Personal care task” means assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating; may include but not limited to proper nutrition, home management, housekeeping task, ambulation and transfer, and medically related activities, including the taking of vital signs only in conjunction with the above tasks.

Will Always-Care ® provide you with a Sitter? YES – If you understand the Do’s & Don’ts.

However, a PCA can do everything, that a Companion or Sitter can and more!

Why pay for a Sitter – when the cost will be about the same for a PCA Do-er!



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