Home Care in Atlanta GA: Monthly News

Home Care in Atlanta GA: Monthly News

On the surface – NONE OF US! There is the old saying that the only person who likes change

“Is a Wet Baby” – But after 46 years providing Senior Care, we can add “Wet Seniors”

All of us, and everything else around us, is Always changing. We are not as young today as we were yesterday, and Covid-19 is definably creating CHANGES regarding the many things that “We Used To Do” and how we do them now. So what are the paths forward?

We need to Accept Change. But we also need to try to direct it to be Positive Changes of the things which we can control. That said, there are a Lot of Things, which are beyond our control.

The First Priority – is to sort out, which is which.
The Second Priority (this sounds dumb) is to Prioritize Each Group.

What you Can Control: (A) Your Attitude (B) Your actions, realize that YOU will have to change! (C) Your Needs vs. Wants. (D) Immediate vs. Later. (E) Analyze your resources.

What you Cannot Control: (A) Deal with it the best you can. (B) What – if – you can have only some control. An example – the Weather – You can’t control if is going to rain! (C) Your Immediate Actions – you can Check the Weather Forecast and take some actions. Stay Inside? Take an Umbrella or Rain Gear? The converse, a HOT Sunny Day! Stay Inside or not? Take Sunscreen, wear a Hat and Cool Clothing? (D) Plan Future Actions – Remember the – The 6 P’s
Prior, Planning, Prevents, Pitifully, Poor, Performance.

How does Change affect Your Health?

Tomorrow (hopefully) YOU WILL BE OLDER THAN TODAY! If not, you don’t have to worry about it. With a good POSITIVE ATTITUDE, you should realize that you may not be able to do for yourself tomorrow, what you are used to doing for yourself today, or you do them today with some difficulty!

In our business, we call these – Activities of Daily Living or (ADL’S). They are tasks that you normally do daily – to take care of yourself. These basic 6 things are: Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Toileting, and Mobility. Obviously, there is a lot that goes into an R.N. Professionally Evaluating the performance of these activities that are required for each of us.

Which is why – Always Care will send a Professional Registered Nurse (R.N.) to make a Free On-Site Evaluation, if based on our phone intake information, the situation presented warrants the professional knowledge and skills, to recommend to the Client and/or Family – the choices available for the Personalized Care Services, which Always Care can provide.

Always Care is fully Licensed by the State of Georgia. to provide BOTH Personal Care Aide (PCA) Services and if necessary, per a Doctor Orders Skilled Nursing (R.N. & L.P.N.) Services,

By using One Provider (Always Care) – The Client will have a “Coordinated and Integrated Team” for both Personal Care and Nursing Services. And through our affiliated corporation Always Care Physical Therapy Inc. In-Home P.T. Services are available.

Since 1974, over our 46 years of Service to Georgians, we have heard that all of us should Save for a Rainy Day, and many of us have. So, if someone needs assistance with their basic ADL’s, it may be that NOW is that Rainy Day! If you have other services that you are entitled to, we will do our best to supplement vs. duplicate them. We will work with you to keep your cost as low as possible while providing Quality Services.

The Good News – is we are OPEN & READY to serve you! We have continued to serve our in-home clients, through the current situation. (We Accept Long Term Care, Workers Compensation and other Insurance Plans. (No Medicare/Medicaid)

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