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Always Care Nursing Service ~ February News


From all of us at Always Care – “Happy Valentine’s Day
{ 2-14-19 forgetting this could be dangerous to your health! }


I have heard the term Love Month used for February! The older people in our family had a “Saying” for almost everything. The Calendar Year was sometimes stated as ”The year has 11 Months and Christmas” We actually had a male member of our family named – “Valentine”.

So – What is L O V E?
I think that you will agree that LOVE has many -many meanings, to all of us at different times and regarding different situations.

I guess that is why “Romantic Novels” are still written, still bought and read. Here are some stats Goggled. From “The Business of Romance Novels by Rachel Dalke”



I think we first learn to Love,  in our family, Mother, Father, and others.

So what does that have to do with our business;
Always-Care ® Nursing Service?


Because we are Locally Owned and Locally Managed – we adopted our mission statement as;

Taking Care Of  Yours … As If They Were Ours” ®


Not only do we want to care for others, but we also try our best to do it the same way we would for those who are closest to us. Which is why we go the extra mile, to provide Quality Care and Smiles to our clients – the same as we would taking care of our family member in their own home. In fact, we adopted our Mission Statement after providing care for a family member who passed at home.


And we also LOVE our chosen line of work. We have proven it!


As of December 1st, 2018, we began our 45th year of service to Georgians.

We also love other things. We LOVE Our Country! Our founder and our Administrator are both Veterans. We love our Care-Giver Employees. They are W-2 employees and are taxpayers.
At various times, we had 3 generations of Care-Givers from the same family working for us.


We Criminal Records Check & E-Verify that all of our Care Givers are LEGAL workers!
Plus, We are a Georgia Certified Drug-Free Workplace.

Go to Find Quality Care and Smiles for your loved ones, EVERY Month!


Services; Available in Private Homes, Senior Living Communities, Nursing Homes, & Hospitals.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Atlanta, GA, please call the caring staff at Always Care Nursing Service today.
Call for Assistance: (404) 266-8773 or (800) 989-7828


Howard Gruensfelder, VP / Administrator

VP/Administrator at Always Care Nursing Services
Howard H. J. Gruensfelder - B.S.M.[Bachelor of Science in Management GA-TechGA.]

Administrator of 3 Florida (Always Care) Home Health Agencies for over Fourteen years.

Always Care of Georgia since 2001

Served as a 1st Lt. In the US Army

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