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Always Care Nursing Service ~ December News

December 2018 Birthdays

The month of December is very special at Always Care Nursing Service.

Because there are Three Important Birthdays, listed in date order below!


1. December 1 st

It is the ALWAYS-CARE ® Birthday.

Yes, we opened our business on 1, December 1974.

We were excited to begin serving our fellow Georgians In-Homes and In-Facilities.

And we are still excited, as we begin our 44th year, providing Customized – Quality –
Personal Care, Nursing Care, and Companion/Sitter Services that our clients deserve.


We will take a moment to reflect on our past 43 years. And because we are Locally Owned and Managed, we will renew our personal commitment to all our fellow Georgians, who are our clients. We pledge to work hard, to fulfill our mission statement as shown below:

“Taking Care Of Yours … As If They Were Ours” ®



2. December 13 th.

Our Administrator & Operations V.P. Howard H. J. Gruensfelder is having a Birthday.

In case you are wondering, he is;
“Old Enough To Know Better, & Too Young To Resist”



3. December 25 th – The Big One –  A Baby Boy born only 2017 years ago.

Thus, our offices will be closed on the 24th and 25th to celebrate. *

So at this time, from our family to you and yours we wish all-y’all;



* A staff member will be On-Call for all Client Care needs. 404.266.8773 (24/7 Phone)

Howard Gruensfelder, VP / Administrator

VP/Administrator at Always Care Nursing Services
Howard H. J. Gruensfelder - B.S.M.[Bachelor of Science in Management GA-TechGA.]

Administrator of 3 Florida (Always Care) Home Health Agencies for over Fourteen years.

Always Care of Georgia since 2001

Served as a 1st Lt. In the US Army