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ACNS April E-Mail News Letter – Nurse Semi-Retirement

After more than Four (4) Decades of Service we are going to allow our Official Always Care Nurse to work less. What is her name? Where is she? What has she been doing?


Look below at what we have used on most of our literature and web site for many years.

There are actually 3 US Registered Service Marks that have been used together. These are thus published with the ® Registration Symbol.
The first (#1) is our Name; ALWAYS-CARE ®



The words under it are not part of the registration and have been changed from time to time over the years.

The second (#2) is what we call “The Nurse in the Clock” This goes back to 1974 when we started. Back then, Nurses were mostly female. When they Graduated from Nursing School, to become a Registered Nurse, at the graduation ceremony, they were “Capped” or presented with their school’s CAP. Each Nursing School had their own distinctive CAP. Nurses then wore their School’s Cap as part of the Nurse’s uniform.

Thus in our logo, The Nurse is wearing – a Nurses CAP. Also, most Nurses wore White Uniforms. Thus, our Nurse in the Clock is dressed in White. The “normal” work shift for nurses was for 8 hours, from 7a-3p, 3p-11p, or 11p-7a. Hence the number’s 3, 7 & 11 are shown on our clock. She is carrying a Patients Chart in her left hand.

What is her name? She really did not have one. A long time ago we also operated in Nashville Tennessee. In all of the TN State Regulations, each paragraph usually started with – The Nurse … We use to joke about to what did – The Other Nurses do? So unofficially our nurse in the clock, became “The Nurse” – and for over Four (4) Decades she has been working, Around The Clock.


In addition to our U.S. Registered Service Marks #1 & #2, – above our name is our U.S. Registered Service Mark (#3). “Taking Care of Yours … As If They Were Ours” ®


This came along later after we had taken care of a member of our own family. Since we are a Locally Owned and Locally Managed Family Business, we decided to adopt a Service Mark that stated our goal { or – MISSION STATEMENT} to focus us, to always provide the same high quality of care as we did for our own family, every day, for all of our “Georgia Client Family.”

We have now realized that a lot of people do not relate to the image in our clock, as a Nurse.

So – we are going to let – The Nurse work a little less.

She will still be around on our web site in areas where we describe our Nursing Care services.


But for our main use, we are now introducing a New Brand Presentation along with
the ALWAYS-CARE ® U.S. Registered Service Mark as follows;



We have added below our name – some new wording. “ IN YOUR RESIDENCE

We can provide care where-ever you reside*. Home is where your “Heart” and the rest of you is residing. This can be in your – Private Home, Apartment, Condo, an Independent Living Community, a Hotel, a Motel, or other. – It’s where you are living – your normal residence.

Care in your Residence is normally called “Home Care” We are Licensed by the State of Georgia as a “Private Home Care Provider” (PHCP). {Note: Our services are not covered by Medicare/Medicaid, but may be covered by Long Term Care or other Insurance. If you use Medicare we can supplement what is provided and work around their scheduled services.}

* If however you are in a Licensed Care Facility (Long term or Short Term) – that has the Primary Responsibility to Provide Care for you, such as an Assisted Living Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility/Home (SNF), Rehabilitation Facility or Hospital, we can work for you, and with the facility staff, to provide additional services to you. If you hire us, this is normally called “Private Duty”. We don’t replace the facility staff as care-givers, – we supplement them, and according to the facilities policies and your wishes, provide additional services to you.


Last in our new Presentation – on the Third line, we let you know the services that we can provide;

  • Personal Care Aides (PCA’s), and Nurses; –
  • LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) and
  • RNs (Registered Nurses).



Again, “Thank You” for Trusting us as we continue in our 45th year of business, by allowing us to continue to serve our fellow Georgians in the Greater Atlanta Area and more.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Atlanta, GA, please call the caring staff at Always Care Nursing Service today.
Call for Assistance: (404) 266-8773 or (800) 989-7828

Howard Gruensfelder, VP / Administrator

VP/Administrator at Always Care Nursing Services
Howard H. J. Gruensfelder - B.S.M.[Bachelor of Science in Management GA-TechGA.]

Administrator of 3 Florida (Always Care) Home Health Agencies for over Fourteen years.

Always Care of Georgia since 2001

Served as a 1st Lt. In the US Army

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