As you may know – Always-Care ® Started in 1974

Also, you should know – that care in Facilities has changed since1974,


But what about – In – Home Care?

Has in-home care, changed also?
The short answer is YES.

Today, more and better care, for major disabilities
and ailments can be safely provided at home.
And we all know; There Is No Place Like Home!


Just like in facilities, a lot has changed because of the technology, which is available in the home today, that was not available back then. Other than Medicine, there are two other important areas.


Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS or dMS) – items normally used once, – such as Syringes and
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Wheelchairs, Beds, and others that are normally reusable.


Below is a link to one Light Weight Power Wheelchair, as one example;
The – Electra 7 Power Wheelchair; by: Quick N Mobil Inc.


and also below is a link to one High Tech Care Bed as another example;
The Freedom Bed; by: Pro Bed Medical Technologies Inc. .


This bed is one that will automatically turn the person, who cannot turn themselves, to prevent Decubitus Ulcers (Bed Sores) by shifting pressure on the body to different areas according to a programmed pre-set schedule. Thus, better for the bed occupant and the caregivers. We actually have one of our clients using a version of this bed.


Finally, One Thing that has Not Changed Since 1974
it is our – Always Care ”Mission Statement”
Taking Care of Yours … As If They Were Ours ®

Always Care – Personalized Care and Quality Services – are still available TODAY!


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Note:  We are not endorsing any product or other business. Items presented are for informational purposes, and similar items may be available. Also, we are not in the DME, or the DMS business, so we cannot give you prices on any such items.  However if you need us to freely consult with you,  we will be happy to do so! Most likely we can get you, suggestions, and/or information that you may need and/or get you in contact with a knowledgeable source.


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