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What Kinds of Daily Tasks Might Require Help for Your Senior?

If you ask your elderly family member how you can help her or how someone else, like elder care providers, can help her she might feel as if she can’t give you a list. Daily tasks are a great way to help your senior get accustomed to receiving help from someone else, especially if she’s having trouble with some of those tasks.


Elderly Care in Roswell GA: Senior Assistance

Elderly Care in Roswell GA: Senior Assistance


General Housekeeping

Keeping up with regular daily household tasks like dusting and dealing with the dishes doesn’t seem like a lot, but for your aging adult, that can take a lot of energy out of her. Having elder care providers to handle those tasks for her means that she can use her energy wisely. It also means that you know that those tasks are taken care of for her.


Laundry Management

Laundry adds up quickly, even if your senior lives on her own. Some aging adults get tired of dealing with the hassle and might resort to odd solutions, like buying new clothes far more often to avoid having to deal with laundry. When elderly care providers step in and take control of those tasks, your senior doesn’t have to worry about how to wrangle her laundry at all.


Personal Care Tasks

At some stage, your elderly family member may need help with tasks she’s always handled fully on her own, like bathing and getting dressed. Pain, sore joints, or other changes can leave your senior feeling unable to handle these tasks on her own. She can feel so much safer having someone helping her to bathe rather than fighting through the process on her own. This is another way for your elderly family member to conserve some of her energy, too.


Cooking and Food Preparation

It’s amazing how much energy and time it takes to prepare meals. When your senior is already rationing her energy to do what she needs to do, she might forego eating healthy meals regularly. When home care providers take over the cooking for her that can make a world of difference. She doesn’t have to expend so much energy making the meal and she can benefit from the nutrients.

As your senior’s needs change, she may require more or less help at certain times. Elder care providers can help her as much or as little as she needs. This is especially important if your senior’s main goal is to age in place for as long as she possibly can.


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