So often caregivers can get stuck in one way of doing things, especially when it comes to making sure that their senior has what he needs. But there may be some ways that this mindset and this quest for perfection are holding you back as a caregiver.


Elderly Care in Peachtree Corners GA: Caregiver Perfectionism

Elderly Care in Peachtree Corners GA: Caregiver Perfectionism


You’re Hanging Onto Too Much

Much of this depends on your senior’s health and his needs, but you might be hanging onto too many of the little tasks that need doing. Do you have to be the one who picks up every prescription? Maybe not. Is it necessary that you’re the one who dusts every Thursday? That could also be no. If you can delegate a task to someone else, you probably should be finding a way to do so.


You Might Be Cutting People Out

Caregivers tend to focus on the fact that family members aren’t necessarily lining up to help, but there are sometimes reasons for this. If you’re so wrapped up in getting things done that you don’t notice that other people do want to help, you could inadvertently cut them out of the process. That’s something that does both of you a disservice because other family members often do want to help but they don’t want to overstep. It’s a delicate balancing act.


Control Can Be a Big Factor, Too

Sometimes it’s not so much about having to do everything but having control over what gets done and how. This might be something that’s difficult for you to let go of, especially if you have a strong sense of how things should be done according to your internal rulebook. Sometimes it helps to remember consciously that there’s more than one way to get things done and someone else can get things accomplished, too.


Other Solutions Can Work

Stepping back can sometimes help with some of these issues. When you’re striving to be perfect all the time, you’re not giving yourself a chance to rest. Hiring elder care providers allows you to leave your senior in capable hands while you decompress and refocus. Sometimes having that little bit of time away can help you to remember that caregiving is more about giving care than doing anything perfectly.

If you can give up the need to do everything just right or on your own, you can find some room to breathe even as a busy caregiver. It’s not always easy to do, but when you have help that you trust, it makes a big difference. Take the time to ask yourself whether you’re overdoing something.


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