Taking your mom and dad shopping also poses a problem. They’re impulse shoppers or they buy what they like rather than what they need. If you’re looking to simplify shopping trips, you could leave them at home. They may not like that, however.


Elderly Care in Milton GA: Shopping With Aging Parents

Elderly Care in Milton GA: Shopping With Aging Parents


Instead of becoming stressed and finding shopping frustrating, try these tips. They’ll help simplify shopping trips with aging parents.


Plan a Menu and Build a Shopping List Around It

Sit down with your mom and dad and make a weekly menu. Ask them to pick things they’d like for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks. Once you have a weekly menu they’ve helped create, build the shopping list.

Involve them in this by having them check the fridge, freezer, and pantry for the items you’ll need for each meal. Use a sales flyer, coupons, and the store’s website to price items and get the best deals. This helps you budget their money.


Give Each Parent Specific Tasks at the Store

At the grocery store, divide and conquer. Ensure your parents have their own list of things to look for and add to the cart. The more challenging the items are, the less time they have to look for unnecessary items.

Send them to the butcher area to get specific meats. Ask them to go to the seafood department where they have to order and wait. That leaves them with less time to look for sugary treats and other impulse buys.


Have Another Person There to Help

Dementia can make it hard for a person to remember what they need for groceries. If you try to stop your parent from grabbing things they don’t need, it can lead to a meltdown. To avoid this, have an extra pair of hands join you on the shopping trip.

When your mom or dad adds something that is unnecessary, don’t say anything. The second person can wait until your parent is distracted and return it to the shelf. Your parent won’t remember what was added to the cart, and you’re not paying for things that aren’t needed.


Order Online for Pick-Up

Some grocery stores offer pick-up service now. Order the groceries online, drive to the store’s pick-up area, and the groceries are brought to your car. That keeps your parents from entering the store. They can go along for the ride, but no one has to leave the car.


Arrange to Have Caregivers Help on Grocery Days

Is grocery shopping also frustrating because you don’t have a lot of spare time? When you have a job, your own family to care for, and the help you offer your parents, it may be a lot to manage. Senior care services help.

Let caregivers help your parents with the grocery shopping. Ask a senior care agency about the cost of menu planning, grocery shopping assistance, and transportation from caregivers. Your parents have the help they need, and you’re free to do the other things on your list.


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